Night of Frying

So what if I blew through my food budget in under a week for the month? Yeah, even I’m not sure how that one happened. I think it was just that our pantry was pretty bare, and I went a little crazy at Trader Joe’s. (But I still argue $45 isn’t *that* crazy) However, I’ve decided that this being the greatest month out of the year (i.e., the one during which my glory was released upon the world) that it doesn’t really matter if the food budget gets a little crazy since this is going to be one expensive month. (more on that later)

No, when it’s still early on, and the lights are still bright during First Friday, the first thing I think is… Oh, man. I need to fry EVERYTHING KNOWN TO MAN.

And I had friends who came over and helped!

My creative designer friend brought over some cauliflower and zucchini. Ellsbells brought over box o’ wine (pink for bonus points), and… uh? If there was anything else, I forgot. Whoopsie!

I made a metric crapton of simple potato fries. They were golden and delicious. And then Albany John took over the kitchen.

The zucchini fritters? Hit o’ the night! I’ll have to get the recipe from him, but the good boy was slaving over a vat of bubbling oil churning out these golden crisp nuggets of goodness for over an hour. Light, fluffy, crisp. Wonderful.

And everything we fried? Was mainly in rice flour = super awesome light and crispy. Seriously. They stayed crisp for hours. I may never go back to wheat flour in frying again.

And then on Saturday after Art on Lark (woo, congrats to Amy Orr and Joleen Button for winning Project Larkway. Two of my favorite Albany designers, and both just beautiful!) we grilled chicken over at my brother’s place. Mmmm, charcoal.

  1. JMP said:

    Ha. I hear “deep fried” and automatically think “no way.” Had I known it was rice flour, I might have been more down! Well, and if I hadn't been up since 4:30 a.m. that day.

  2. jmp – sleep = Teh Win, always. At least in my book. FWIW I plan on keeping it wheat free for the forseeable future.

  3. hmmm rice flour…. does that lower calories when frying?

  4. ellie said:

    I also brought the eggplant that turned into awesomeness with the marinara sauce.

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