Praline Walnuts

Here are some praline walnuts I forgot to tell you about 2 weeks ago!

The ones on the left had no butter in them, and the ones on the right = buttery loving goodness. I think you know which I preferred.

Actually, lemme come clear. I think I messed up the first batch. Oops.

I am not a candy maker in any right. I like to mix, stir, jostle, agitate. You get the drift. When recipes call for leaving something and NOT TOUCHING AT ALL… I tend to fail pretty epically. I think I stirred the first just sugar batch and didn’t let it caramelize enough. Basically, it was sugar + water to a certain temp, but I think it should have cooked more. I think my temp was not quite right. Or maybe too much water.

But the 2nd batch, I put in my sugar and water and didn’t flipping touch anything for a good while. When I did add my nuts and butter, things combined much more readily.

Here is batch one. Way too crystallized and, uh, fluffy? I also toasted these nuts before hand, and let me tell you… LISTEN TO RECIPES THAT SAY NOT TO. Toasted was not nearly as good as raw.

Batch 2 was with raw walnuts and much less stirring. These melted nicely, and just flat out tasted delicious.
Sugar + some water left to simmer for a while. Then when it’s around 140 F (I think), you can add in your nuts, and then butter. I am going to futz more.

  1. Sandor said:

    I read the headline too fast and thought you were writing about “prairie walnuts” and that you guys took the leap into some of the scarier corners of the “nose-to-tail” world.

  2. When google can't even find prairie walnuts you know it could be something… scary.

    At any rate, nose-to-tail would probably involve a pickled body part of some kind. And then I'd invite you over for a taste.

  3. ooohhhh reminds me of Chinese Fried Walnuts. damn those bastards are good!

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