Praline Pecans

Take 2 on praline making.

2 C sugar

1/2 C water. Cook on low/medium heat for 10-20 minutes. Until it starts to become golden and such.

Add pecans and 2 T butter along with some salt. Stir a bit. This causes some crystallization and it looks like you’ve got a pan full of white crusty sugar-coated nuts, so DON’T TOUCH IT (albanyjanecoughcough) for another 15 minutes or until it looks melty again.
Why are my times so long? I keep my flame low because otherwise I have a tendency to burn stuff.

WARNING: icky gross body part coming up. (foot. feet are gross, especially mine. you’ve been warned)

After it’s set, you can transfer scoop out the contents of your pan on to waxed paper. BE SUPER CAREFUL. Sugar burns hurt like a mother, and I was lucky enough to learn this by having one teensy droplet fall onto a toe.

This is not some funky foot crust, but sugar that fell onto my scaly toe and crystallized. I just realized I missed the opportunity last night to say what sweet feet I had. Darn. A bad pun AND a rhyme.

I think maybe I could have let the sugar cook for longer initially to increase caramelization. And after adding the nuts too, perhaps. However, they did come out beautifully and tasted praline-y (or at the very least candied).

I had an ulterior motive in making these – birthday present for my mom. Happy Birthday, Lady!

And if she isn’t completely thrilled with my gifts this year (I went the sweets route: this plus some praline-caramel chocolates, and black licorice), I can always pull out the “But Moooooom, I burned myself for you!” card.

  1. Grace said:

    pralines rule. foot close-ups? generally not so much, but your tootsies aren't half-bad. 🙂

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