Hello, my sugar laden plops of joy!

Expect little communication from here on out. I’ll be traveling to NYC & Somerset, NJ for purely dorky vacation reasons until late Monday night.

Anything a must-do on a Sunday evening either in Manhattan or Woodside/Astoria, Queens?

Let me leave you with how to make paneer, an Indian fresh cheese.

Step 1: heat 4 C milk to a simmering boil. Add 2.5 T lemon juice (aka, an acid) mix once, and remove from heat.

Let cool for 15 minutes before straining out through a cotton cloth. I used a large white cotton napkin one of my darling relatives sent me. I did this by putting the straining bowl of my salad spinner in a large glass bowl, and then lining the salad-straining bowl with the cotton napkin. Pour gently over and it kind of helps the napkin not loose shape while having all that liquid on it.

Then tie it up and leave it to hang and drain for around 8 hours. I simply tied it up with some kitchen twine and looped it over my sink nozzle.

After it has drained, squeeze it some more to drain liquid out, then weight it down to drain some more until it becomes rather firm. Here, I simply placed a cooling rack atop a tupperware dish and weighted it down with a heavy glass pan and a jug of soy sauce (you would not believe how quickly we go through this stuff).

I let it sit weighted for about 2 more hours. Maybe more, I wasn’t really paying attention. But it was quite a nice firm cheese when I was done. See? That puppy looks really flat!

Wow, it looks whiter than the napkin. Initially, it didn’t have much of a flavor, but on my second nibble I could detect a hint of tanginess… oh, right! That lemon juice I put in to curdle it! Texturally, it almost resembled a ricotta. I would definitely mix some salt in at some point next time though. I think that would have upped some of the more subtle dairy flavors. (ok, I am really just hoping it will make it taste a little buttery)

Paneer was very easy to make, and I will totally make it again. I heard cubing it and pan frying helps it keep its shape more, but Albany John made this paneer & veggie korma without doing so and I think it came out just fine. No recipe for the korma. We used one of the Trader Joe’s simmering sauces. I swear to gravy, those things taste so great, no doctoring needed!
We still have a little paneer left, so maybe I can try it out with some spinach.

Ok my butter slathered tubs of popcorn, have a great week! I’ll see you by next Tuesday!

  1. if you weren't already married and we both weren't heterosexual, you'd be my wife AlbanyJane. PANEER!!!!!!!! you don't know how long i have waited for a paneer receipe. thank you thank you thank you

  2. I'm really fascinated by cheese making. They're all so similar, but the subtlest difference result in a totally different product.

    Have fun on your trip!!

  3. I've made this a couple times too! When I did it I ended up making some Palak Paneer (kind of a curried spinach with panner) out of it. It actually turned out pretty good.

  4. Jollibee's.

    Sure it's a fast food chain, but it's an imported fast food chain. And you can go hug a bee.

    62-29 Roosevelt Ave.Woodside,Queens NY 11377

    I can't really vouch for their burgers, but I did like their spaghetti. And apparently there is a mango peach pie.

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