Albany John made dinner from the leftover odds and ends in our fridge last night. I was quite impressed! What really impressed me was his plating! He got so fancy last night!

Up front is a rice dish he made entirely in the rice cooker (rice, can of tomatoes, some chorizo-style sausage [it’s actually not that bad], red potatoes, and probably more I’m forgetting). I really enjoy dishes made entirely in the rice cooker since I am prone to mix everything up, and when you cook in the rice cooker it mixes everything up and the flavors meld nicely. We added some hot sauce to spice it up a bit.

To the left is a bowl of green beans (that were 77 cents a pound in NYC!!) simply cooked with some garlic cloves and sesame seeds. They were raw sesame seeds and toasted up nicely in the pan with them. The green beans still had lots of crunchiness to them and were very good. I could definitely have eaten 5 or 6 of these bowls! We also got these 2 white plates/bowls from Albany John’s grandmother when she moved into a smaller place. I really like their design and shape – very simple and pretty. (And totally appreciate our awesome Auntie for shipping them to us after spending a week cleaning and prepping the move!)

In the back is a frittata with zucchini. Simple and very good. The eggs were still soft and the zucchini was still slightly firm! How does Albany John do his kitchen chicanery?

Ok, y’all! I went to Roma Importing Company / Roma Prime Meats in Latham, NY yesterday. Look what I found! Real tarama / Carp roe caviar! This 10 oz jar was only $6.75, which I thought was a good price.

They also have a very knowledgeable and friendly butcher who was there when I was who answered all my questions perfectly! Hooray! They also changed up the store so the meat and importing stores are now connected, which I think is awesome and much easier. All of their pork is antibiotic and hormone free. Sweet. More on that later. Let’s open up this jar of tarama and see what it looks like.

This was filled to the brim of salty, slightly smoky tarama. Yummy. It smelled briny and fishy (in a VERY good way) and all of the balls of roe were bright and fresh looking.

Know what I like to do with fish roe? Taramosalata! That delicious greek dip! I didn’t have any bread handy so I just mixed equal parts of cream cheese and sour cream and added a squeeze of lemon to combine.

Next time I will add some cooked potato or bread and see how that works!

  1. Lorre said:

    Ok you got me: *drool* over the taramosalata.

  2. oh rice and potatoes in the same dish! can't have too many starches at one time : )

    hmmmmm crispy veggies. unless yr my father and you like droopy mushy veggies. blah!

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