I hope your weekend was lovely! I got to have some salad from the garden (the greens are in the front/right area past the white pickets), and when I went to Riverfest in Troy this weekend I got to see some cool new vendors of crafts and…

I got to see Chris Barron (easy rider too [pdf])of the Spin Doctors promoting his new solo album Pancho and The Kid!! He was great live, and I was much closer to the stage this year than when Spin Doctors played at Tulip Fest. I even got to meet him after his set was over and completely fan girled out on him when buying a CD and getting him to sign it. Suave I am not! But still, he was great to meet in person – just laid back and geninely seemed happy to be there.

And then I came home and made soup dumplings. You know, to be a mega geek.

  1. ellie said:

    I really wish I hadn't had to work because I would have loved to see the musical performances. I kinda love the Spin Doctors as well as Soul Coughing.

  2. i was in the mountains, trying not to freeze to death. looks like a good time. my older brother met Chris Barron about 15 years ago. My brother threatened to kiss him. Needless to day my brother was in a altered state.

    awesome dumplings!!!

  3. ellie – it was nice!

    phairhead – man, I wish I had the guts to say that!

  4. cute garden! mine is really similar- a small strip along the fence. I love it! I was going to go to Riverfest but i forgot. Oops.

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