Snow Man Ice Cream

Count out your quarters and head on over to Snow Man in Troy, NY for some delicious ice cream! One of the most glorious day ever known is soon here, and this is a nice pre-celebration treat.

For $2.00 even you can get a small serving of ice cream – hard, fro-yo, soft serve. $2.35 for a medium. I forget how much the large is. I usually opt for the small, since Snow Man’s portions are quite generous.

Snow Man is very easy to spot. The sign is stuck to the roof and all vintage looking and cute. However, the lines are what you’ll definitely see first. “Woah, what are all these people doing outside in a crowd in Troy?! OHHHH! ICE CREAM!! YES!” But then again, that’s just how my brain works. Not terribly well, but give it enough time and it might figure out what’s going on.

I like the lines at Snow Man, actually. They go pretty quickly, but give you enough time to read the boards to see what you want to order. A float? Ice cream? Ice cream pie for the whole family? A sundae? Hmm… I noticed a sign that said “White Chocolate Macadamia”. Pshh, game OVER! It turns out it was for the fat-free low-calorie ice cream thing (I think it’s 8 delight… or something like that), which means that I can classify it as ‘healthy’ (Dad, I’m kidding).

For people that are familiar with and enjoy Tasty De-Lite, a low-cal/low-fat ice cream chain in the city, you will love this stuff! I won’t say it tasted like a white chocolate chip and macadamia nut cookie, but it had nice flavors of each, with a bit of that fake sweetness which made me think of the ‘cheesecake’ Tasty De-Lite flavor. You know – it doesn’t really taste like what it says is, but it’s pretty close, and whatever it is, it’s good. Man, I hope I didn’t just turn a bunch of you guys off from trying this stuff. Just trust me, it was good and it was really creamy too. I had a toddler begging bites off of me until that cup was gone.

Albany John is partial to their frozen yogurt flavors like coffee and black raspberry. Their regular ice cream soft serve is also nice and creamy. Really, everything is very good and worth a try.

I like the cup more since it’s a little more portable than the cone (and, well, I’m more than a little messy). Snow Man has a lot with some parking spaces. It can get busy, but most people walk in from around the neighborhood, so you probably won’t have a tough time parking in the lot. Or just park on the street. This ice cream stand in Lansingburgh, NY is in an easily accessible location, and very worth a trip (heck, for the creaminess and choices alone!). They even take Visa and Mastercard!

Oh, look. Early prezzies for one of the most glorious days in all the land from Manhattan Maka. Hello Kitty nesting bento boxes (bottom-ish) and Hello Kitty fork, spoon, and chopstick set in a cute hard plastic container (top-ish)! (they look like crap because I had to cut myself out, and I was so excited that I couldn’t sit still for any pictures. heh heh)
  1. Hello Kitty!

    MMMMMM Frogurt. Remember TCBY? They had a pumpkin pie flavour that was out of this world!

    If yr ever in Sch'dy, check out Humpy's. Sounds dirty but it isn't. What it really is, is the best damn ice cream stand in town! When I was a kid, it was Creamee's and you could only get chocolate and vanilla soft serve. But now, they have vast cornucopia of frozen delights.

  2. Grace said:

    looks like some tasty clouds to me–i'll have to hunt this place down! i'll be looking into humpy's too, if only so i can say the name. 🙂

  3. phairhead – TCBY was what I BEGGED for! If only there was one near by. Well, it's probably best there isn't!

    Grace – humpy's is in both of our futures! Mission set!

  4. Anonymous said:

    I used to love Snowman's soft chocolate and vanilla swirl icecream on a cone but not this year. This year it smells and tastes like plastic. I won't be going back.

  5. Anonymous said:

    I would like to retract my statement about icecream at Snowman's tasting like plastic. I traced the problem to microwaving food in plastic containers.

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