Lindt Pistachio

Today is the day of candy bars! I started off with a ProMax Nutty Butter Crisp bar for breakfast (officially they’re an energy bar, but puh-leaze. Peanut butter goodness!)

I stopped by the Lindt store on this most glorious of glorious day and decided to treat myself to a second bar of candy for lunch. I am not really a fan of real chocolate, but I will flip out over just about anything Lindt. Their white chocolate stuff? Don’t even get me started. But today I was drawn to the pistachio filled milk chocolate bars. There was even a picture of a pistachio in the drawing. How decadently tempting! Let’s open this baby up!

There were 12 pieces of pistachio filled milk chocolate segments in this bar. Yummy. It looked like there would be a good ratio of filling : chocolate (ie, lots of filling). I like the Lindt milk chocolate best out of all chocolates – very creamy, smooth, and an overall great flavor to a non-chocolate fan like myself. Chocoholics: is Lindt passable for you?

I bit into one, and there was a nice taste of pistachio paste. Kind of reminded me of marzipan, but fluffy. (Oh, duh, I just read the label. It says ‘with marzipan filling’. Wow am I observant today!) Sadly, there were no pistachios in what I ate, which is really annoying since it is in the picture (darn you, misleading ads!). Annoying, but not soul crushing or anything. It’s still a damn good candy bar. They are $4.50 at the Lindt in Crossgates Mall, or $2.25 at the Lindt that is closing in Stuyvesant Plaza (everything is 50% off, and pretty picked through!).

Well, this day has started off quite nicely. I am anticipating a weekend of merriment spent with awesome friends (and a smidge of family ;]). I hope your weekend goes smashingly!

  1. What? There's a Lindt at Styvestant Plaza? And it's closing? Phooey!

    The Kashi energy bars are tasty and candy like too.

  2. As far as fussy chocolate lovers go, their Excellence line will do in a pinch.

    But here is a list of all their products that are carried at Wegmans:

    I love the Wegmans site because they list ingredients for every item they sell.

    Too many of the Lindt chocolates have vegetable oil in them. Blech. The only vegetables I want in my chocolate are sugar cane and vanilla beans.

    And don't you dare tell me those are not vegetables.

  3. ooh, I've never had that one! It looks great, although I would have expected actual nuts in it too. bummer.

    my favorite is the double milk crisp. omg. that stuff just lets in your mouth.

  4. Karine said:

    Lind chocolate is my favorite chocolate. I have never tired the pistachio but I believe I should!

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