Wolff’s Biergarten

I went to Wolff’s Biergarten this weekend to celebrate my birthday. What a great time I had! There’s a nice and diverse crowd and so many of my friends came out to spend time with me!

For your birthday, you give the nice bartenders your ID and a credit card to cover the boot in case your clumsy ass breaks it ($40). You can check this post out on owner Matt Baumgartner’s TU blog about the boots and such. (PS – it’s a cool blog so read it if you haven’t) Thankfully mine did not! And I even managed to drink all of the bier. The beer/bier served is the house (haus?) bier. It was a little lemony/hoppy for me, but it was light tasting which I enjoyed. Albany John had a half liter of Octoberfest, which was surprisingly light even though it was darker colored.

Albany John scootched his man-hand in this picture for size reference.

Here is when I went from “Pshhh, this is going to be so easy,” to “Woah, I am starting to feel kind of full…” Thankfully I had lots of friends there to chat and hang with while I took my sweet time drinking it. In no particular order: Life of My Mouth and her boy, Joe & Norah, CelinaBean(!!), Ellsbells & my sister, bro & sis-in-law & roomie (dude, I have got to come up with a name), artsy-designer pal, and of course Albany John. I can’t express how happy I was to be surrounded with so many wonderful people! Thank you so much for coming out! You guys made me feel like I was sitting at the popular kids’ table at lunch!

My sister and ellsbells showed up together bearing a… GIGANTIC OATMEAL CHOCOLATE CHIP COOKIE!!! And it was still warm. Who needs cake when you’ve got a big honkin warm cookie?! Needless to say, with so many food fans at the table, this cookie was munched quite quickly!

Ah, what a beerific birthday! Prost!

P.S. – don’t get super excited and forget to eat all day, and then forget to order dinner as well! Not that I did or anything… just so that you don’t … but if you do… uh, WOAH!!

  1. I am bummed to have missed it. Friday nights are difficult. Shomer effing shabbos. Hope you understand.

  2. JMP said:

    I still can't believe you finished the whole boot.

  3. i didn't score an invite : (


  4. Daniel B – and you missed posing in their panel cut-outs! Next time!

    JMP – in my defense I had help with maybe half a beer to 3/4 of a beer/bier…

    phairhead – yeah, I kind of lost your email… uh, again. And Alb John put it together. Next time!

  5. Thanks for the great time! Except next time I'm sitting farther away from the coookie!

  6. Grace said:

    shoot the boooooooot! awesome, i'd love a beer glass like that. and a behemoth cookie, while i'm at it. 🙂

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