Rainbow Cake!

So my Community Shared Agriculture share is still not here. But at least I got an update on it today that, uh, there wouldn’t be any this week either. Christ. At this point I’m still not even sure if I got suckered into a con since the lettuce Albany John grew in our backyard is basically done and our herbs are growing very well. Hell, if I did, then touché, sir. Touché. While it would suck to be completely out of the money, it would rock if my first swindle was food-related.
The annoying thing at this point is the sporadic and minimal communication regarding the CSA status. Ok, and also all of my friends with CSAs are on week 3-4 at this point, so I am just a skoshe green. But my Grampy was a farmer, so I know that’s kind of how it goes.
By this I mean farmer’s aren’t much for talking, and that providing I didn’t get caught up in the first farm scam in Albany, they also take it pretty roughly when their crops don’t do well. I’m sure my Grampy would have just shrugged and walked out of the room if he ever saw a computer. Holidays? Grampy would talk a little, but for the most part I just remember “Hello kids, how ya been?” or something like that. Fill the rest in with mindless toddler banter and some nods from Grampy.
Ok, and the most annoying thing is that I bought the CSA when I had a little more money and knew I’d be less-than-flush with cash over the summer (i.e., now). Damnit, these veggies were supposed to be a treat to feed my poor self. Instead I am still tracking down the veggie cart in order to get my veggie fix. Some weeks I do, and other weeks it’s a lot of napa cabbage. I would be a little better with the situation if I hadn’t planned so heavily to rely on them.
Since I like to be positive, I am trying to see both sides of the coin. Yes, I am very frustrated, but I am sure Mr. Farmer is also frustrated as well. Sorry, I don’t like to be all complainy, but that’s what anonymous blogs no one reads are for. Done!

And since I’m also little Miss Rambles A Lot, I’ll also tell you about this faboo cake I made recently! Up top are all the bowls I used to mix food coloring in the batter.

Ta da! Rainbow cake! I made 2 round cakes of rainbow cake. I have no idea how big the pans were since I don’t do a lot of cake baking. I used CHOW.com’s yellow cake recipe and colored some. Blopped the color into a cake pan in alternate colors, and ta-da – rainbow cake. It’s been going around the internet, so I wanted to give it a whirl.
It was my awesome Sister-in-Law’s birthday, and I think she needs to be known as something other than Sister-In-Law. You know what? We both like our margaritas, so she is now Margarita. Cute, no? So any way, it was Margarita’s birthday and I made the cake.

So yeah, here are what the cakes looked like before I iced them. Lemme just say, there was a LOT of icing going on there. And don’t use King Arthur Flour for cake when you have cake flour in the house (stupid me!) since, duh, it has a higher gluten content and your cake will turn out pretty tough.

I wish these pics were from my camera that I can’t find, but they are not. I took them on Albany John’s super-professional-awesome camera. I don’t really know how to work it, but I am liking the whole zoom/focus adjustment so far. It just takes me about 10 pictures before I find one that works.
  1. JMP said:

    What farm did you pick for your CSA share? The ones my mother's used usually are pretty good with communications. That certainly is odd…but the rain this year has been overwhelming for a lot of plants. My poor basil is trying so, so hard to grow strong and big…

  2. PJH said:

    Hey, King Arthur offers both traditional bleached cake flour, and new unbleached, all-natural cake flour – give either one a try sometime… Your cake is SWEET! (Pun intended…) PJ Hamel, King Arthur Flour baker/blogger

  3. LK – heh, I had a little help in the 'clean up' department, if you know what I mean. Mmmm

    PJ – awesome to know! I love my KAF, but I always forget the AP flours are a little higher in gluten than other brands. Which is super for bread, since I end up wondering why they taste so much better than ones made from flour from the generic brand. Duh, delicious KAF blend!

  4. Grace said:

    this is a wonderfully psychadelic cake. i love all the colors–it reminds of the spectacular superman ice cream of my childhood, but better. great job!

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