Tuna, two ways and Pickles

Albany John made some tuna steaks two ways. We have some tuna in our freezer from our Trader Joe’s run last month. Unfortunately, I think it’s the kind you’re not supposed to buy since it is bad for sea life. Oh well, I will try and remember that for next time.

At any rate, Albany John cooked up the two steaks from the freezer pack after letting them thaw and they came out quite nicely. The top one you see is a sriracha based saucing with sesame seeds, which means I took a bite and then called dibs on the other steak. I’m warming up to hot stuff (har har), but sriracha is one that I just can’t get over. It’s such an intense, cool, lasting heat. Can’t take it!

This was more of a teriyaki style sauce on the tuna. Mmmm, nice and raw in the center. And the entire steak was very moist. Two tuna-covered thumbs up, Albany John!

The noodley dish is leftover egg noodles (note: they expand a LOT when you cook them) simply mixed with some pickled carrots and daikon. Oh, man. I have to tell you guys I made them!

I got a mandoline and used it to make tasty pickled daikon and carrot strips.

Pickled Carrots & Daikon

About 2-3 large carrots and 1/2 of a daikon (about a pound of each), peeled, mandolined like so. Salt the daikon first for about 30 minutes, then salt the carrots for another 30 minutes (so the daikon soaks 1 hr total).

Mix with 2 T sugar, 1.25 C white vinegar, and maybe .5 C water. That’s it. Really freaking easy, and really freaking tasty. Just let it sit in the fridge for a day and it’s ready.

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  1. awww sweet, pickled carrots and daikon receipe! now SexyBeast and I can pretend we're at Van's Vietnamese

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