Eating Al Fresco

Sometimes enough can’t be said for the small pleasures in life – Eating outside in beautiful weather, with tasty food, refreshing drinks, and a handsome dining companion.

Do you like my “America, F-Yeah!” picture up top? Hee hee, Albany John was teasing me about it, and then I couldn’t get enough light on the bottle.
I snagged this bottle of Glenora bubbly at Empire Wine over in the Target Plaza on Central Ave (just before Wolf Road). They had a tasting of Glenora wines going on yesterday, and man it was a delight! I started off with the champagne style above, then moved on to a crisp but completely non-tart white wine, then a riesling that I thought was more peachy than anything else and reminded me of my super-boozy peach cocktails, and finally a raspberry peach drink that tasted more like iced tea than anything else.
Oh MY GOSH, this was hands down the best wine tasting I have ever done! Everything was sweet, light, and not the least bit astringently tart!

So suffice it to say, I think I’ll be trying out some more of Glenora’s wines. And this is from a box wine kind of a gal. The bottle of bubbles above was only $8.95, and most of their other wines I tried hovered in the same price rance. Plus Glenora’s a New York wine, and you guys know what a sucker I am for tasty New York stuff (hello, Brotherhood Winery!).

I was also looking for a little bubbly to celebrate with since I got some pretty awesome news recently! Nothing earth shattering, but something that made me smile. What better way to show happiness than with champagne? (I know it’s not really *real* champagne, but cut me some slack here, ‘kay?) This bottle was a brut, so it leaned more on the dry side. I thought it went perfectly with the weather last night – cool, not terribly crisp, and refreshing. It was kind of like the wine also had a few breezes in it, if that makes any sense. I was surprised I liked it so much, since I normally love spumantes (really sweet champagnes).

We made fettuccini with marinara and mozzarella cheese for dinner. A pasta bake, if you will. We made the marinara earlier in the week, and I splurged and bought a block of Polly-O mozzarella cheese. After making the noodles, Albany John plopped them all together and stuck it in the oven for a while. I think it could have cooked a little longer to get the top layer of cheese browned and more melted, but Albany John was all “What? It melted. That’s what it does. It melts and then you eat it.”

Dinner on the porch with my husbear, what a great night.

  1. that's what living is all about! wine, pasta and love : )

  2. cw said:

    love empire wine in northway mall – it is truly the promised land – i too picked up some glenora white and was sipping on it last night – light and not too fruity – yum! don't know if you are a gin fan (i sure am) they have a great selection!
    congrats on the good news. 🙂

  3. JMP said:

    What's the story morning glory?
    Good news is good news!

  4. phairhead – cheers to that! Three of em!

    cw – OH DUDE! Have you tried the Reval gin? If we've got similar palates you'll enjoy it too. (And it is dirt cheap at the moment, too)

    JMP – Heheh Oh, I’m sure it’ll come out eventually.

  5. cw said:

    dont think i've tried reval – will have to give it a go – been on a beefeater kick – but they have junipero – ohh, nectar of the gods, i think its better than hendricks..

  6. AJ: All of this talk about gin made me think of something. Especially since I know you like things a bit on the sweeter side.

    You ever try Old Tom Gin?

    It's a classic spirit that has just reemerged on the market. It's a sweet gin, and is called for in a handful of classic cocktails.

    Just another tasty thing to consider.

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