What Are You Wearing?

How do you cook? Are you a Betty Crocker cooker? A nude cooker (watch the bacon)? A schlumpy cooker?

I always think of Betty Crocker cookers as those folks dressed to the nines in a dressy blouse, skirt/slacks and heels. They may toss on an apron around their waist, but for the most part, they cook, peel, chop, mix, etc without getting a drop of anything on them. And their hair looks pretty darned good too.

Let me say, Betty Crocker cooker, I am not.

Maybe you’re a nude cooker. No one’s watching, you’re all comfy, and hey, if you get some flour on you, it’s not like you got a shirt dirty!

Or maybe you prefer to put on crappy clothes since you’re a mess in the kitchen. Flour, water, paste, colored stuff, it doesn’t matter since you’re in sweats or an old T-shirt.

What are you?

I’ve got a penchant for not wearing pants. This generally leaves me in a skirt or just my unders. I’m particularly plagued with deciding I need to prep something *right* that moment mid-changing clothes or something, so if I’m cooking at home, I’m generally in some state of undress either by will or by chance. I do obsessively wash my hands while cooking though, so it’s not like your food is getting all boob-taminated or anything.

So I guess you could consider me a schlumpy half-naked cooker?
It’s generally just how I cook when I’m at home and no guests are over. If you’re new at my place, I promise you’re not going to be getting an eyeful of Albany Jane in the semi-raw as soon as you walk in the door. I mean, I wait at least until visit 3 after I’ve gotten you sufficiently liquored up. That’s just common courtesy. Hey, is it getting hot in here?
  1. I'm a “whatever I happen to be wearing” cooker.

    Sometimes office clothes, sometimes jeans and a tshirt, sometimes running clothes, sometimes half naked!


  2. Robbin818 said:

    I guess I'm a lot like you – I usually run around the house in various states of semi-dressed… but it's just the hubs and I. Cooking is my passion… but who can be passionate while uncomfortable!

  3. ellie said:

    Well, there's two types of cooking. There is the throw the leftover in the oven cooking after work, which is usually the first thing I do while changing out of my work clothes. Then there's the people are coming over for dinner and I want food ready or mostly ready. That usually goes hand in hand with some cleaning, so I usually do that in my big flannel pants and a tanktop. Ponytail is mandatory.

    It's when I do art that I look pretty hilarious. I wear this old dress from Wal-mart and a button down shirt I stole from an x-boyfriend. Again, ponytail.

  4. JMP said:

    i learned the hard way not to cook in just a bra…. ouch! Who knew hot oil would hurt so much?

  5. cw said:

    great post! i am a comfy cooker – sometimes ill rock the old italian lady (my nonna's) floral apron – very sexy indeed. but of course if i have guests, ill wear the fancy apron. 😉

  6. ellabella – nice! No restrictions!

    Robbin – exactly! And you can also dress passionately when the mood strikes 😉

    ellie – I still have yet to see this state… hmm.

    JMP – that's why I cook my bacon in the oven. Owie!

    CW – granny style! A new one!

  7. what happens to be on my person at the mo'. My mother is totally Betty Crocker, she always wears an apron, it's kinda sweet actually

  8. I'm a lounge-y cooker. I have to change out of my day/night clothes and wear sweats/shorts/tshirt before I start cooking. I hate the idea of my clothes smelling like my meal. Especially if I fry fish. Stinky.

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