My Savings Have Gone Up in Smoke(d Salmon)

Well, sugar… looks like I went on a bit of a spending bender last month… ah but what a way to go! This month will have to be much more frugal, but what with the CSA coming in, hopefully that’ll provide me with enough variety.

The smoked salmon is really good. I guess I really do love food if I’ll totally decimate my savings on seafood. Like, um, close to $730 on food and beverage this month. Whoopsie doo! Talk about over budget, hee hee!

P.S. Totally worth it.

  1. llcwine said:

    I found a real treasure at Hannaford's yesterday…smoked salmon tidbits… it's not scottish smoked, gravlax or Ducktrap farms…but let me tell you…on a toasted bagel, a shmear of cream cheese (you choose the variety of bagel and cc), along with some thinly sliced red onion and capers…it was a steal…the package was I believe 8 oz…for $7.99…and it satisfied the urge oh so well..I repackaged into smaller baggies…and will use for many purposes…salmon rollups….lox and eggs, the ideas are endless.

  2. Little splurges here and there aren't THAT bad… especially when it's something good like smoked salmon. Or prosciutto, although I really haven't seen good deals on that up in the CR.

  3. What more is there to life than eating and drinking well? Don't ever feel bad for spending a little extra!

  4. LLcwine-

    Most Ducktrap farms smoked salmon that I have seen is about 18-20 bucks a pound. Only a couple bucks more than what you paid. Was this a Hannaford brand product you bought? If so, how did it stack up to other brands? I would be very interested if it was top notch. Smoked salmon is one of my favorites.

  5. llcwine – Oh, the end pieces? I'm pretty sure that's for a 1 lb bag. I was really into them for a while (super cheap), but after a while I thought they were a bit too heavy and fatty and it was getting harder to eat it all. For dips though, really good. And for a fatty bagel. Mmmm, fatty bagel.

    lili – Aw, prosciutto! If only!

    Mr. Dave – Ah, I love all of you. My beautiful, delicious enablers! If it's the same product I had it was good, but more made of the belly and darker chunks of salmon.

  6. llcwine said:

    Mr. Dave and AlbanyJane…I believe it was either a 12oz or 16 oz, I had repackaged it and don't have the original wrapper. It may be a tad fattier than the better smoked salmons, but it took care of the craving, and I'll use the remainder to make my salmon rollups. This is an easy recipe for an appie that goes really quick.
    Take a flour tortilla (you can use flavored, wheat, whatever, smear with cream cheese of choice(I ususally use light veggie). Then sprinkle on capers, snips of dill, chopped chives,scallions or red onion, and layer the pieces of lox. then roll up tightly to a tube shape. I usually chill it befor slicing into 1 inch and placing on a plate. These go fast!!!

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