Albany John and I hit the road on Saturday for a day trip out to Amherst, MA. I picked some blueberries with Papa Amherst and soon Albany John’s friend from way back when came over to spend some rare free time with us. He’s the owner of Magic Technology based in Amherst, MA and you should give him a call if you ever need anything done since he’s a computer genius.

We hopped over to Bueno Y Sano and grabbed some food (which, oddly I don’t have on my camera… uh, oops). I wasn’t super hungry, so I just grabbed a chickpea and red curry taco. Albany John and Mr. Magic Technology got the taco specials, where you get 2 tacos, rice, and beans for $6.50.
I liked the taco, and the hot sauces they had were well seasoned, too.

After that, Mr. Magic Technology took us out to do some nature walking (there’s lots of nature walking in the area). It was near some lakes and streams and quite nice. The water levels were really high! I guess they’ve also been getting a lot of rain.

Albany John and I also stopped off at Deals & Steals in Northampton, MA on our way into town, as was my wont to go insanely over budget. Their prices aren’t so low any more, still pretty good with the occasional deal, but they used to be “Holy crap, how is this so cheap?!”. Like, we used to find pastas or grains on sale for 8 boxes for a dollar. Now that doesn’t happen so much any more. Their deal is they sell out of date or store buy-out products on the cheap, and a lot of them are organic/all natural, so they’re cheaper than they’d be at full retail prices. A lot of things are more out of date than they used to be, and we’ve basically learned to steer clear of the crackers and carbs in boxes (really, really stale), but the chips and bagged things are fine.

We lucked out with a few decently priced things and deals. The small box of Japanese curry blocks for $0.99 was fair, and we didn’t have any basmati rice at home and $0.99 for 12 oz wasn’t too bad either. However, the two ham and chicken soup bases for $0.99 was something we couldn’t pass up. Albany John made a split pea soup last night for dinner with the ham base – it was quite good! Hooray!

I also picked up some little food prezzies for mi familia. Ellsbells already got hers, but I still have to give them to my Sis, Bro, Margarita, and Benny.

Nothing super, but they looked tasty and I felt all crafty.

Oh, look. More blueberries in mah lap! Papa Amherst also showed us that there are 3 types of blueberry bushes growing in their yard. I took a picture of their different leaves, but I also don’t have them on this memory card… uh. These are the small blueberries. All from one bush! So sweet and yummy. Papa Amherst has a net and frame set up to cover the berries, no pesticides necessary. We didn’t even wash these off – so yummy and good.

I also had some fuzzy little buddies over who kept pretending to eat them after I’d take a few blueberries from the container. They’d dunk their little fuzzy heads in, sniff, and then smack their lips and pretend to chew. How freaking cute is that?

  1. Deals & Steals? Me thinks a trip to NoHa is in order : )
    thanks for the tip, Miss Albany Jane!

  2. Good to know about Deals & Steals.

    I love blueberrys right off the plant. Yum.

  3. josie said:

    Sweetest blueberries I ever had were some wild ones we found while hiking in Acadia. I didn't even realize there'd be different varieties. They all look the same to me.

  4. phairhead – don't forget to get a tat or piercing at Lucky's while you're there. For me, y'know. Hee hee.

    cute ella – oh man, we should go berry grazing some time!

    JMP – Woah! They say everyone has one! Maybe I have two in Albany! Oh, if it's the same person I'm thinking of that would be freaking SWEET (highly unlikely, but sweet).

    josie – I always thought some grew bigger than the others, heh heh. Now it's a little more obvious, but all blueberries are still good blueberries.

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