Yam Fritters

Fritters seem like easier versions of tempura to me. The batter fries up light and crisp – a nice airy soft coating with a lightly crisp exterior.

I made yam fritters last night. I had bought some BIG ASS yams from the co-op earlier in July for $0.59/lb. They are HUGE. Each one is nearly the size of my forearm in length. I bought a few knowing they’d keep well (they have) and figured at the very least they’d be a nutritious starch Albany John and I could split on an evening when we were out of regular potatoes and feeling tuber-starchy instead of rice or pasta.

The Fritter Batter

This was really easy to make. Mix in order:

1 C flour
1 t baking powder
1-2 shakes nutmeg (just a hint)
dash of salt
1 T melted butter
1 egg
½ C milk

Easy peasy. Combine your dry stuff, add in the wet stuff and there you go! I whisked it all together to fully blend it in. It should resemble a thick muffin batter. Let it sit for 30 minutes.

(I am thinking sweet potato starch would be a good AP Flour replacement for gluten free folks)

While you’re waiting you can use your awesome mandoline to make some slivers of yam (that’s what the co-op called them). They didn’t seem all that wet, so I didn’t bother to salt and drain them. I just peeled the skin off of the half of the yam I was going to use and mandolined up to that point.

I really like these yams. They aren’t too sweet. They have a sweetness, yes, but it is much more subtle than sweet potatoes. Are they newer and haven’t had a chance to convert starch into sugar? Are yams less sweet? I have no idea, I just know I’ll be looking in the co-op for these more often, especially at $0.59/lb.

After 30 minutes, mix the yam slices into the fritter batter. Don’t worry about it looking thin. The dough poofs up some when fried.

Fry, mah babies!
Drop spoonfuls (or forkfuls) of yam sticks and fritter batter into your oil. I like my handy dandy deep frier. Let them cook like that for a minute or two, then turn them over and cook for another minute or two. These cook rather quickly, so soon you’ll have gobs of yam fritters.

This is the SECOND layer of yam fritters. Yummy! Albany John and I made our way through a good amount of the fritters, but these would probably be best as an appetizer for 5-6 people.

I stopped a bit of the way through cooked some veggies over rice and an egg or two so we could pretend we were eating healthy food, but these filled us up quite a bit!

It was really hard to stop eating them though – the light batter is so delicious. It’s hard to feel like you’re eating a lot. Albany John opted for some apple cider vinegar to dip them in. I like soy sauce since I can hardly ever get enough salt on them.

If you want something that looks impressive (Albany John made these once before and I was all “Say WHHAAATTT? Yum.”) but is actually easy to make, give these a whirl. The batter isn’t fussy like tempura batter (holy crap, now there’s something impressive that Albany John rocks). You don’t need to ice it. You can leave it out at room temp. Fuss with the consistency so it is how you like it. Add more stuff to the batter. Whatever.

Fritters = WIN. They’re easy to make, impressive, and cheap.

  1. hmmmm maybe instead of tempura the boyfriend should do up some fritters. what really bugs me is that he NEVER seasons the tempura batter

  2. phairhead – Oh, totally! I think these would be really good with some seasonings, too. Little garlic or onion to punch up the flavor a bit, and oooh, spices!

    cuteella – thanks!

    LK – I love fab food!

  3. Grace said:

    nutmeg? simply awesome addition to an already-tasty treat!

  4. Lorre said:

    I'm thinking: dip them in honey mustard sauce and then scarf 'em up

  5. Grace – it was really subtle, but I think it punched things up a bit.

    Lorre – OMG, GREAT IDEA!!!

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