Pears, Pears, Pears! Possibly Procure a Prize!

“Hey,” said Albany John.

“Hey,” I replied, “I’m just going out to get some pears from this guy’s tree. I’ll be back in a while.”

“Ooo, pears! Okay, see you later.”

And off I went to go pluck premature precious pears from the tree of a guy I’d never met.
He’d posted something to the Almost Foodies about having a glut of pears on this one tree in his back yard, and to come take some so they wouldn’t go to waste. And possibly a pear pot luck in the future. Ohh-ho-ho-homigosh dude, I love you. Free pears?

My kitchen has been a little sparse on the fresh fruit lately, so what wonderful timing! Pear Dude said that the pears ripen from the inside out, so by the time they’re ready to eat, they don’t really keep. So we plucked them while they were still a little under ripe.

But you know what? I love certain fruit under ripe. I love the hard, crunchy, almost apple-like texture of an under ripe peach, pear, plum, nectarine… you get the idea. They have a little tartness (oh, you cheeky pears!) and bite to them. I just love it. I ate one right off of the tree. It was delicious.

Also, I met and re-met some awesome folks! One guy even remembered me from the CDFI and the Sanctuary! Woah! (and sorry my memory sucks and I blanked… but your face did look familiar!) Those were such good times.

And how gorgeous are these pears? I filled as many as I could comfortably carry into my bookbag. I’m sure I came off as a pear piggie. All of that fresh, delicious fruit! There was even a rad pear picking thing to get the pears off of the high branches!

It was really neat to feel how my center of balance changed after hoarding all of these sweet pears.
These babies. Oh, these babies have some plans a-coming their way.

These pears completely filled up one of my fridge fruit/veggie drawers!

Can you guess how many pears are in the drawer?
Maybe you’ll win a prize! Maybe I’ll email you a picture of my body slathered in pear slices (I promise to shave the back hair, or at the very least put it in fashionable french braids). Maybe it’ll be a taste of something pear-y I made. Maybe it’ll be a sketch of how awesome I think you are. Maybe I’ll be totally lame and do NOTHING (this is the most likely scenario). Either way, don’t hold your breath for a VCR or a fancy used Mazda, ’cause you also know I’m kind of a brokeass. That and it takes forever to file off those serial numbers *jeeze*.

Here’s another glance at the drawer full o’pears.

Oh, ok. You know what making that adorable little face does to me. I’ll give you a hint.
It’s not a prime number.
  1. renee said:

    i'm so glad you represented and got some pairs! i forgot all about it (probably because i'm not a pear lover – never had an under ripe one though – that could change things). happy eating!

  2. 38. I'm thinking pear cocktails.. maybe cold pear soup, mmm with blue cheese crumbles. I want a pear guy too!

  3. I'm going to have to say lower. I say 30.

    Personally, I would have kept them out of the fridge and let them ripen in a paper bag or in an open bowl at room temperature for a while.

    You'd get the added benefits of fridge space and getting to gaze at the beautiful pear shapes.

    Regardless, if you make a pear tart, I want one. But I'll probably be out of town. Meh.

  4. Slacker said:

    Ha. Awesome contest 🙂 I'm gonna guess 32! I like pears but my wife hates em, so I don't have them all that often.

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