The Placid Baker

Albany John and I were strolling around Troy on Friday night for Troy Night Out (art and such on display). We first wandered over to Casperland and saw the dynamic duo Dewanatron playing. It was very awesome, but I thought they were going to be playing for a while, so I suggested to the Mister that we walk around and see what else was going on.

The streets were really quiet. I think the earlier torrential sheets and buckets of water kept the crowds away. Really wish I were exaggerating that, too.

One of the places we ended up was at the Placid Baker, which was staying open late for Troy Night out. Normal hours of operation are Tues – Sat, 8 am – 6 pm. I got a sample of their raspberry butter on a baguette. It was so sweet and yummy, they sell small cups of the pink butter for 75 cents. Yes, $0.75! It looks like icing in a cup, or as Albany John said “The cupcake, when all you really want is the icing part,”

Caroline at Eat Local has also visited the Placid Baker and enjoyed the raspberry butter!

Here’s a crappy picture of their building! 250 Broadway, Troy, NY 12180 (just off of the triangle area on the same street as Tosca and HSBC’s ATM)

Mmm, baked goodies. They were fairly sold out when I walked by, but even at the end of the night all of their foods looked very appetizing.

Albany John and I thought their prices were rather fair. The pastries were in the $2-3 range. And they looked so delectable.

Coffee! Albany John said that the coffee prices at The Placid Baker are one of the lowest in Troy. He says the next time he has to get coffee and do some work, he is definitely going here. I was quite impressed since Albany John doesn’t prioritize remembering prices. He may yet be a viable contestant on Supermarket Sweeps.

Iced coffee is $1.75 for a small and $2.00 for a large. Regular coffee is $1.50 for a 12 ouncer and $1.75 for 16 oz.

Albany John was also impressed with the kind of coffee they got. I didn’t read the thing stuck up on the wall next to the coffee, but Albany John has led me to believe it is some kind of organic/fair trade/’happy’ coffee.

I couldn’t resist the siren call of a cheese danish ($2.50). Mmmm, cheese danish. Despite it being late in the day, there was still a nice lightness in the pastry.

You know how some pastries get all heavy and greasy by mid afternoon? Not with this baby! The cheese was slightly sweet and blended very well with the flaky, buttery layers of pastry dough. It was just the right amount, and not just a solid lump of baked cheesy circle substance baked in the center.

Overall, I can’t wait to try out more sweets from the Placid Baker. Fresh, delicious.

  1. i still think my mom bakes the best Danish in all the world : )

  2. Grace said:

    i can't get past the fact that placid rhymes with flaccid. can i say that? 🙂

  3. phairhead – save me a bite 😀

    Grace – BWAHAHAHAHAHA. You are allowed to say whatever you want and you get a commemorative “Awesome” wristband.

  4. I keep hearing about them! I need to check it out.
    And I second what Grace said. 😉

  5. Bill said:

    That coffee you were sipping was from Vermont Coffee Company. It is very good and available at the Honest Weight Food Coop. There is a good book written about the coffee called A Cafecito Story by Julia Alvarez.

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