I <3 NY Pizza & Biscuits at Home

After ogling the goods at The Placid Baker in Troy, Albany John and I went to Casperland and hung out with cool peeps for a bit. Then headed to I Love New York Pizza for a slice. Actually, though it’s technical name is I Love New York Pizza, you’ll usually hear it shortened “I Love”. There’s plenty of I Loves in the area, but I don’t think any of them are connected. Oddly enough though, they’re all on the same level of cheap-greasy-pizza goodness.

They’ve got a bunch of slices to choose from when you walk in, but I decided to kick it old school and just do plain old cheese. But their bbq chicken is also good, and so is the… you know what? I’ve had almost all of their slices and they’re all really good.

I love I Love. Always have. I think they may have been the first pizza place I ate at when I moved here. And you know what? $2.00 even for a cheese slice with an endless amount of powdered cheese, powdered garlic, and chili flakes makes an awesome dinner.

… Especially when you plan to whoop it up at Troy Night Out’s Official Unofficial Afterparty, hosted by those zany Goodship guys.

Minimal sleepage was had, but as usual I woke up fairly early on Ellsbells’ floor. She’s got probably the most comfortable floor to sleep on that I know of.
She was off to work and kicked the crew of misfits claiming residence out, and I was off to home with Albany John, who was fairly knackered himself. You know what I ALWAYS say I’m going to make but almost never follow through on?
Biscuits and gravy.

Specifically, I made Grace’s Mamster’s Biscuits. Not nearly as light looking as hers, but oh man were they ever good. Grace, your Mama has a delicious recipe for biscuits!

I didn’t have any self-rising flour, but added some salt and 3 T of baking powder to the 2 C of flour. And you really don’t need the measurments of anything else. Do it to feel. I was afraid I’d overwork the dough and have hard biscuits/frisbees again, but nope! I mixed everything up in the bowl until it was almost combined, then turned it onto a cutting board and folded everthing together a few times. I added the milk in increments too, so as not to add too much.

Here’s the biscuits I made with the 2nd part of dough. You know, after you’ve made the first cuts in the dough and you have to re-form and cut again. Kind of uglier, but whatever!

I popped these babies in the oven for a few minutes and started making my gravy.

Melted bacon/pork fat (some is bacon, some is fat drippins from pork belly) was melted in a pan. Trust me, this is why you save your bacon and piggie fat. Oddly enough, on the ride back to our maison, Albany John was all like “I wish we had bacon,” so this kind of sated that craving.
After your delicious piggie fat has melted, put in flour until it becomes a dough/roux. If you can’t tell, I kind of melted a lot of fat, so I ended up making a lot of gravy. This would have been perfect for 5-6 people.

But to make White Gravy:

Bacon Fat, about an equal amount of flour once it’s melted, mixed into a paste. Let it cook on the heat for about a minute to cook the flour. Don’t let it brown. You’re making white gravy, afterall. Add milk a little at a time initially (to thin the paste out more so that you’re not beating tons of lumps the entire time) and add enough milk to make the gravy little more wet then you’d like. Let it cook down a couple of minutes, adding salt and plenty o’black pepper at the end.

Like Grace’s Mamster said – brown the tops of the biscuits in the broiler for a minute or two until they brown a bit.

Mmmm. Beeeesssscuuuuiiiiittttt.
Golden brown, fluffy, with visible layers! My most successful biscuit to date! I am so keeping this recipe. I love you Grace. And Grace’s Mamster.
Albany John was resting his eyes in the living room when I brought out a biscuit with scrambled eggs, slathered in white gravy. Ketchup on the side. He also agreed these were the best biscuits I’d ever made. So light and fluffy. Yet also moist and delicious. Just perfect. Perfect!

Albany John had finished his biscuit by the time I’d made my biscuit with egg whites and completely slathered it with gravy. My gosh, if this isn’t the ultimate example of what slathering is, I don’t know what is. I gave him my egg yolk, and soon he was off to nap a bit.

I may or may not have eaten an additional three biscuits and gravy while he was sleeping.


(I totally ate three more biscuits and gravy)

  1. 2 bucks for a slice!! I have to get to Troy

  2. Grace said:

    hooray! i'm SO thrilled that you tried mammy's recipe, and i'm even more thrilled that they turned out well for ya! that gravy looks EXCELLENT and i could go for three or five servings myself!

  3. p -Not too shabby, right? They are big slices!

    Grace – seriously, you and your mamma rock SO much. Lurve, lurve, lurve to yew both.

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