I can’t wait any longer!!

Congrats to my awesome sista hola gatita, who came closest to guessing the pears. She guessed 38.

But surprise… there were actually 55, yes, FIFTY FIVE pears in my fridge drawer! They still haven’t fully ripened, but once they do I think I’ll be sending a batch of pear rugelach down to Tampa.

Thanks for participating!

  1. Your sister lives in Tampa?

    I am curious on your thoughts of which is the better city: Albany or Tampa.

    [yes i recognize on an albany food blog there probably will not be that many people speaking up for tampa]

  2. My sister in the cult of Hello Kitty, I should re-phrase.

    Oh, Dear Daniel, bringing up Tampa right now is so cruel… I've been thinking of how much fun I had while I was there. Granted it was only for a few days, but I'd love the chance to go back and explore some more. But everything I ate was phenomenally good. Traffic was fine. Love Albany to death, but lately I have been fantasizing about Tampa.

  3. Thanks hello kitty sis! And I thought I was going a bit over with 38!

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