Pear Galette

Bro, Margarita, and Benny came over for dinner last night. I made them black bean sauce spare ribs, no one died from food poisoning (yet), so I consider it a success.

I decided to try out a dessert as well, since I thought it would round out dinner nicely. I still have pears in my fridge, so I opted for a pear galette – no fussing with pie pans, etc. I tend to massacre pie crusts into hard, awful lumps of dough. Albany John is the man to go to for tender and crumbly pie crusts (he gets it from his Dad).

But since it was just family coming over, I figured they would forgive a crappy dessert so I whipped this together before they came over. Made the dough by using the food processor. Normally the food processor and I are not friends. But it seems like two negatives canceled each other out to equal a win galette.

I just mixed together 1 ¼ C AP Flour, pinch of salt, pulsed the food processor, 1 stick of very cold butter (I roughly cubed it and put it in the freezer for a few mins while I was getting the flour, etc out and prepped), pulsed again. Added about 6-7 teaspoons of water while pulsing until the dough came together.
Then I turned the sandy looking dough onto the counter and folded it over on itself a few times until it stopped falling apart.

This was kind of a pain in the ass – the layers were nice and flaky, but I always want to [man]handle the dough more so it’s easier to handle. I think pastry dough is freakin’ hard to handle! I only minimally tore the dough while transferring it onto a cookie sheet and pressed the edges out thinner.

Filled the center with some sliced and peeled pears with sugar, nutmeg, and cinnamon, and folded up the edges of the galette so it would contain itself. Then I went to get an egg out to give it a wash so it would be nice and glossy only to see… we were out of eggs. Ok, milk wash… ok, no. Out of milk. Aaahhh! So I just sprinkled some colored coarse sugar over it and hoped for the best.

350 F for 30-45 minutes, and let it cool. Albany John ran out after dinner and got Crumbs Along the Mohawk ice cream from Stewarts, in addition to more eggs and milk.

P.S. – if you ever have the desire to visit a sauna, just come over to my kitchen in the summer, especially if I have the oven on.

  1. OH that looks great! I've already emailed it to myself to try. 🙂

    Hey would you guys be interested in meeting some other Albany bloggers? There's about 5 of us so far…

  2. this sounds delicious! there's something about cooked pears that's satisfying.

    Looks like you did a good job on the crust too! I like using the food processor for them- it makes it so quick!

  3. cuteella – HELL TO THE YES!

    Ahem. I am a bit interested, yes.

    lk – that processor might just be my pastry savior.

  4. Grace said:

    i think all-butter dough is the way to go. i've never had a pear galette, but come on–fruit in pastry, what's not to love?

  5. awww the galette. excellent use of the pears.

    i could get in on some albany blogger shindig

  6. josie said:

    Does your spare ribs in black bean sauce resemble the ones you find in dimsum? Can you post a recipe? I've tried this dish a few times but could not get it anywhere close to those I get in dimsum.

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