Last night I wanted a snack and grabbed a container of siew yuk from the fridge.

Opened it up and noticed a bite mark in it.

Between you and me, I was surprised the there was any left behind. I’d only made a thin strip of it, and the mister really enjoys the stuff.

I put it in a safe place. Don’t you worry. I opted to go the Albany John route and nomed my stick of siew yuk out of hand and forewent cleaving it into slices.

P.S. – You should really try for three dinners in a night – highly awesome. (Scallion pancakes are kind of like Chinese naan and go really well with Indian food)

  1. mmmmmmmmm scallion pancakes.
    hey guess what? i made sweet n' sour sauce last night for my stir fry. damn i'm good! : )

  2. Anonymous said:

    Wanted your two cents, Albany Jane, on a must-try place around Hudson. Looking for a quiet, romantic, anniversary kind of place. Thoughts?

  3. phairhead – rock it girl!

    Anon – Sorry man! I'm not at all familiar with Hudson area eateries. Heard a bunch of stuff, but never been. I'd seer you to to search – decent number of reviews to maybe point you in the right direction, and the Table Hopping blog also may have some recs.

  4. ellie said:

    Anon – It's not quiet all of the time, and is passably romantic in the sense of low lit candles. However, the food is fab, the help is great and I'm sure if you mentioned it was your ani, you'd get some extra special attention.

    Try Mexican Radio in Hudson. Best flan. Pretty much ever. The rest of the food is amazing and the margaritas are hands down the best I've ever had. It often times has a fun, eat off each other's plate kinda feel to it though.

    However, when I had anniversaries, I often liked to go out for a fun, good food, good drink sort of place. For example, for my parents ani, we took them to a local microbewery called Keegans Ales.

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