Plotting and Scheming

I decided to make pear infused brandy liquor with some of the pears I still have in my fridge. I’ve been reading up on infusing on Blue Lotus’ very cool, and appetite inducing blog, and finally got the gall to try it.

Unfortch, the only real jar Albany John could find was a Mr. Peanut one, and the seal does not like to work with liquids! I learned this one when I tried to shake the jar and brandy went flying everywhere. I didn’t have the heart to tell Albany John that part, lest he cry tears of sadness at lost brandy.

I bought a 2-quart container that hopefully will contain the liquids and hold up to a semi-vigorous shaking. So wish me luck there.

I’m also planning on making some joong later tonight, with lots of goodies in it this time, not just a piece of pork belly. I was up until about midnight after I got home prepping things, so hopefully things will go smoothly tonight after they’ve soaked properly.

Saturday I will hopefully get out of my house early enough to get knives sharpened at the Menands farmers market. There is a stall there, Albany John liked how it looked, and we have several knives dearly in need of a good sharpening.

Saturday I also get to visit one of my dearest friends with one of the most inflexible schedules in the world. Consider me MIA until 3 pm.

After that I ideally would like to surprise my brother and convert his backyard into something. Shh, let’s just keep that between us.

I also have so many food aspirations: get a pizza from Red Front in Troy, NY (Albany John has never tried it), get pizza from I Love NY Pizza (again. Because they are just so good, but in a dif way than Red Front), grill a whole mackerel (they are looking fresh and succulent at the fish counters lately), make bread or buns, make tres leches cake, make a swiss roll…

Ciao, my liquor infused cupcakes!

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