Obtained this weekend: 2 newly sharpened knives from the shop at the Menands Farmers market – $9.50 for a cleaver and large knife.

A sack full of kielbasa and garlic bratwursts (around $5.50/lb each) that we grilled at my brother’s (sorry, not pics of actual sausages. I was lounging in a tent at the time and too lazy to get out to take a picture). But spent around $20-30. It is really hard not to buy EVERYTHING since it all looks so freaking good. Sausages had awesome snap and flavor to them.

And salty mustard pickles? De-freaking-vine. 75 cents each for these larger ones.

  1. wait wait. there's salty mustard pickle vendor out there? all my pickle dreams are coming true.

    FYI what time does ususally have to get to the Farmer's Market before everything gets picked over?

  2. The mustard pickles are from Rolff's in Albany. They close around 2 pm, I think?

    In menands things start winding down around 12:30/1 pm. I overheard the bread stand saying something about Buy-One-Get-One-Free since it was the end of the day.

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