Garlic Knots


I saw a tasty looking picture of garlic knots on Food Mayhem’s site (new site to me, and it is freakin’ awesome!) from Serious Eats’ Photograzing. I’ve now made them two days in a row and can shout from the rooftops how totally delicious these are!

This batch is a double recipe of what she posted – I think it’s a little easier since water measurements aren’t given. For double her recipe, I used 3/4 C water (just for your reference, a shaggy dough isn’t hard to achieve either).

Above is the garlic mixture, which is just garlic cloves, olive oil and salt.

So here’s the dough rising. 1 3/4 C flour + 1.25 t yeast + 1 t salt + 1 t sugar + 3/4 C hot/warm water. Slathered with some olive oil to coat the outside generously, and then left covered to rise for 1 hour. This is the end of the 1 hour rise time, you can tell by the bubbly goodness.

I can’t get the dough to spread out evenly by hand without tearing it, so I just roll it out into a large rectangle-ish shape. At least my cutting board and rolling pin are getting some oil/conditioning!

Since this is a double batch, I use this gigantic kitchen scraper (thanks, Mom!) to cut it horizontally down the middle so I’d have 2 batches.

Slathered each side with half of garlic and olive oil mixture.

Then use the scraper to cut them into thin strips.

Here is my pointer finger, hopefully this will give you an idea. Think Sharpie permanent marker sized ribbons.

Then you just tie them into knots! I stretch the dough a little longer when I pick up each ribbon and very gently loop the ends over themselves. I know they’re called garlic knots, but you don’t need to be forceful about making them! You can see some garlicky goodness poking out of this little knot.

And… hey, hey, the gang’s all here! Two olive oil slathered cookie sheets with twee garlic knots spread over them, waiting to go into the oven.

…And now out of the oven. I made these the first time with the other half slathered over them while baking, and this time like the recipe said by reserving the remaining garlic and olive oil mix to slather with parsely. The ones covered in garlic/olive oil will come out more golden.

I also baked these at 350 F instead of 400, just for a longer time since the bottoms were darkening too much for me (and they came out just dandy!).

Here are the hot knots being tossed in the remaining garlic-olive oil mix with some chopped parsley (fresh from Albany John’s garden!).

I spread them back out on the cookie sheet so they wouldn’t get soggy.

Et voila! A parsely and garlic-coated garlic knot!

The olive oil used in this recipe really elevates these simple knots into flavorful, delicate, soft and amazing blobs of carby happiness.

The size is great, too – it means they cook quickly, and I don’t know about you, but I love tender, delicious bread products in under 15 minutes. Please don’t ask me how easy they are to eat (ok, go ahead… SO EASY).

I deffo prefer the garlic knots with the olive oil-garlic mix spread over them before baking – it still tastes plenty garlicky. These ones were a little too harsh for me and Albany John. Midway through dinner we were both like “Oh, so good, but, uh… oh, my stomach…” the raw garlic was intense and biting, so I’m sure my sis would love them, but I just popped them back in the oven to mellow out and cook for a few more mintues (didn’t hurt anything, either!). I’m bringing her some tonight though, so we’ll see how the verdict goes. Then again, I’ve never heard the phrase “too garlicky” from her.

I am now officially addicted to these easy peasy garlic knots. 2 nights in a row. Will I go three?! I’m not sure, but the next time people come over to mi casa for foods, they need to eat these. (BTW, the original recipe is PERFECT for 2 people as an appetizer, not an appetizer-woah-we’re-so-full-b/c-it-was-really-big, but like an actual whet-the-appetite-a-smidge appetizer)

P.S. – does raw garlic give anyone else a crazy amount of poots? ‘Cause I am like the mayor of Poot City this mornin’!

  1. llcwine said:

    oh yeah…garlic give me horrific poots as do onions….but it's worth it…and I keep air freshener at work just in case.

  2. Slacker said:

    Holy crap those look awesome! Gotta try em next week… no time this week.

  3. Grace said:

    a garlic lover's dream: roasted chicken with 40 cloves of garlic served with multiple garlic knots and garlic mashed potatoes. dinner tonight? yes please. 🙂

  4. they look like puffy clouds of garlicky heaven : )

  5. ellie said:

    Omg can we make these Friday? Or whenever we can get together?

    Garlic is probably the single reason why I'm regular.

  6. what better to hide my coffee breath than garlic. gotta make these soon.

  7. I'm so glad you like the garlic knots. I love them too! I might make some more tomorrow. Your pic is up in our fan pics section!

  8. llcwine – Phew! Glad it’s not just me!

    Slacker – sweet, you will love ‘em.

    Grace – Yum, that sounds like a good way to make crappy chicken taste good! (I mean that in a good way, promise).

    Phairhead – another good nickname for them.

    Ellie – hell yes. And they’re so quick, too!

    Lili – see? Everything has its purpose, right? lol

    Jessica – Awesome! Thanks for putting me up. Your blog is so creative – it makes me hungry!

  9. YES! I've been on a baking kick lately and these look freaking delicious!

    Sorry you guys are… geographically impaired and won't be able to make it to Logan's show. We will definitely have to meet sometime, though!


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