Clambake @ Home

On Sunday Albany John whipped out his cutest puppy dog eyes and mentioned “clam bake” and slightly lamented the fact that we’ve never done one. Budget be damned this month (seriously, I just paid off everything that’s showed up for the month and… geeze. I really love food), I said “Go for it” and he came back with $40 of clams. The big ones and little ones (he also brought back some beer).

At first I was like “Wait, wuh?” but then he started looking at his feet going “Well, I didn’t know they were that much, and they put them in the bag, and…” oh my gosh, he is so freaking adorable. He was just overwhelmed with clams (that’swhatshesaid!).

Earlier in the day he had made some dilly potato salad (no mayo [mayo = ew]) that had been marinating in its own goodness. These were little potatoes from our CSA and whatever kitchen chicanery he used certainly turned them into dilly delicious little spuds. Extra points for all of that diced red onion.


It turns out that being overwhelmed with clams is not really a bad thing. Benny was also over and he’d never tried clams before. He speared one and said “Oh. Oh, these are good. Yeah, I like clams.” (or something like that)

And here you can see the culprits that started it all – the corms. These ears of corn reminded Albany John so much of clam bakes that he just had them on his mind all day. Who am I to say no? (I mean, besides the fact that I hate saying ‘no’…) The corn is also from my CSA and was nice and sweet.

Oh, we didn’t get any other of the normal clam bake accoutrements, but I tossed in some lop chong sausages as well. They were nice and tender.

I also made some broa from the book Artisan Bread in 5 Minutes a Day. It is Portugese cornbread, basically bread with some cornmeal in it and woah baby was it ever good. It does a great job of sopping (either your liquids or gobs of butter. mmm, butter) and had a nice crunch throughout the body because of the cornmeal.

Does anyone know if you can just buy a big ol’ bag of clams somewhere? I think we need to do this again, except buying them from a fishmonger or in bulk or something would probably be cheaper.

  1. I love clambake! To Ben who tried it for the first time, are you like, what else have I been missing in life?

  2. We do clams at my grandparents lake cabin back home right on the grill and buy them at the Price Chopper on the way into town. Maybe not the best way to go, but they come in bags and they're gooooooood. Also, don't have to have them in the car for ~2 hours to get there from here!

    That salad looks fantastic by the way. ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. ellie said:

    The problem with the big bag of clams or muscles is that you get a lot of skeezy ones too. One time my mom and I were going to make muscles with this tomato and garlic thing, so we figured we'd be cheap and get the bag. Big mistake. We ended up back at the supermarket trying to return them since over 50% were uneatable. Eating them would have been the tummy revolt.

  4. Grace said:

    being overwhelmed with clams is better than being overwhelmed with crabs, wouldn't you say? lovely eats–i'm partial to the gorgeous corn myself. ๐Ÿ™‚

  5. agreed mayo = YUCK

    clambake @ home is super duper cute. that's as cute as indoor picnic (no ants!) : )

  6. llcwine said:

    go to a good seafood store, either The Cousin's on Livingston in Albany, Matt's on 32 border of Cohoes and Watervliet…etc. If you want like half a bushel…order them in advance. I made the mistake of not ordering in advance and Matt's was sold out on Saturday…had to suffer with clams from PC.

  7. Jessica – For real!

    Ella – Oh man – I bet they are smoky goodness on the grill! (ideeeas!)

    Ellie – :p yea, I will hope to avoid le market.

    Grace – well, I don't know… depends on what kind of crabs we're talkin' here ๐Ÿ˜‰

    phairhead – yeah mayo haters!

    llcwine – Nice, thanks for the heads up!

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