Casablanca Moroccan Restaurant

Anyone been to the new Moroccan restaurant on Central Ave in Albany, NY yet? It’s called Casablanca Moroccan Restaurant and while I haven’t formally dined in yet, I can tell you the owners are really nice people.


Because they gave me a cookie!

I was snapping pictures like a fool of their menu and storefront since it looked new and cool, and this one man came out and said “Hi! Come on in, come on in – have a free cookie!”

I immediately walked into the open door for a cookie.

I mean, dude. Cookie. You don’t argue with free cookies, despite what you may or may not have learned growing up. Besides, it’s not like I was walking into a windowless unmarked van marked “Free Puppies”.

He gave Albany John and me a coconut cookie, and dear goodness it was buttery, coconut-y goodness.

It’s a small space, and it’s got pretty red charger plates at the tables. The picture above is the closest to the window.

And here are tables closer to the back. They didn’t mind my constant picture taking at all.

And here is a TRAY OF COOKIES. The coconut ones are in the tray second from the left. I think I have to try all of the other ones now.

And here you can see their menu. I also took a copy and could have scanned it in for you, but I lost it somehow over the weekend.

Hopefully you can click to enlarge these and see them. Or you are of Kryptonian descent and have excellent vision.
The Lamb Tagine is the most expensive thing on the menu at $12.75, so this looks like quite a nice new restaurant for those of us on a budget!

Address: 14 Central Ave, Albany, NY 12210
Phone: 518-463-1111

Hours: M-F 7 am – 9 PM, Sat 11 am – 9 PM, Closed Sunday

(Those of you not on a budget – I am free any night of the week. I’m waiting. [Oh, ew, I sound like one of those skeevy late night phone lines, only for dining.])

  1. JMP said:

    I picked up the menu yesterday actually. I got a big kick out the menu item “grilled veggies on secures.”

    I'd be down with trying it! I'm free all day Saturday!! Latinfest and Moroccan food?

  2. AAHHHHH!!! My prayers have been answered. I LOVE LOVE LOVE Moroccan food.

    I'm free if you want to go : )

  3. Grace said:

    i enjoy moroccan food, and given my new penchant for exploring albany, i’ll definitely look for this place—anybody that offers free coconut cookies can’t be bad. 🙂

  4. JMP – Plans. Made. Done. Fooding to ensue!


    Grace – Sweet – they just sound so promising. (And did I mention I got a free cookie?)

  5. Third Auntie said:

    Thanks to your post, my husband and I went there for dinner this evening. Yummy! Besides another table, we were the only other diners. Everyone was so gracious and welcoming. Solomon was our wonderful, attentive waiter. His cousin Karim and his sister are the chefs. We had harira soup, cherifya salad (roasted peppers, roasted garlic,tomatoes,parsley, dressed with olive oil and lemon)and chicken bastilla. All 3 were delicious but the bistilla is so special. It is a phyllo dough filled with chicken, almonds, eggs, onions and has powdered sugar and cinnamon sprinkled on top. That was such a wonderful dish! Love, love the bastilla!

    My husband had the salmon tagine that was really tasty. I had the lamb with veggies and rice. Don't know what was in the sauce but it was good. We also bought a dozen cookies to bring home (we ate them all already – sooo good).

    We had a nice time talking with Solomon about the business which has only been open for 2 weeks. He was so gracious, he brought some iced mint tea for us and then later treated us to some delicious hot mint tea. And, he remembered you taking all the pics of the restaurant! This is a special little restaurant, very homey and I hope the word gets out that they are open for business. They are not open on Sundays and they do not serve alcohol. We wish them and their restaurant the best of luck.

  6. renée said:

    how VERY EXCITING! thanks for pointing this out. i can't wait to go!

  7. 3rd Auntie – Thank you SO much for letting me know. Now I really can't wait to try this place out!

    Renee – no problemo!

  8. Andy said:

    Went there today. Very friendly and welcoming, great food, great prices, but SO SLOW. Lunch for 3 took just over an hour. The tilapia tagine was excellent, but I agree with Third Auntie – the chicken bastilla was the real standout. I loved the place and the food, but wish service could have been a bit more prompt.

  9. JGold said:

    Ate there tonight (first time eating Moroccan). Although we (unknowingly) came in just at closing time, they accommodated us with no problems. The food was fantastic – the lamb tajine was divine. They gave us a sample of the lentil soup which was incredible. Smooth rich and creamy, but vegetarian and with no cream.

    I write now because they will be closing as of August 1. The owner said he'd like to reopen in another location (TBD) in maybe 4 months. His sister the chef will be going to visit Morocco in the meantime.

    So get there while the getting's good. I hope they both come back.

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