Latin Fest & Sandwiches

I’m not normally a sandwich person. For me, sandwiches were the de rigueur packed lunch as a kid, and usually either:
Peanut Butter & Jelly
Peanut Butter & Butter
Peanut Butter & Fluff
Turkey (occasionally buttered)
Cream Cheese & Jelly

So it’s taken me a while to get all excited over sandwiches. I like seeing cool combinations when I go in a deli or something, but for the most part I usually think “Eh, it’d be cheaper to make at home” and not worth buying. Sometimes I’ll treat myself and get one just because that previous theory generally means that no sandwich will be had at all since it’s hard for me to buy exactly the right amount of ingredients for one sandwich. So I guess basically what I’m getting at is that I’ll buy a sandwich when the yen really hits, but not very frequently. And at home? Hah, I never really make them.
(It looks like the last time I bought a sandwich was in March. And even then I remember eating the pork out of the bread like it was a boat, not like a sandwich)

I did go on a panini kick a few years ago, and man was that ever expensive.

After hanging out with my brother though – good gosh, he eats a lotta sandwiches. And so does Margarita. And Benny. I am not easily influenced but after months of viewing tons of sandwichery I have switched from “Eh, sandwich” to “Hmm, sandwich?” I quizzed him on it, since before we were both pretty ambivalent and he’d said that he initially would refuse to eat them when he and Margarita would have sandwiches for meals, but eventually he got into them once he found out how diverse and tasty they could be. He enjoys Quiznos, and I really think I need to get that boy a sandwich from Via Fresca. (And how have I not shown you all pictures of their paninis or sandwiches? I might not get them often, but damn do they always stand out as my first rec when someone asks where to get a great sandwich)

This all culminated over the weekend with me planning on bringing sandwiches to Latin Fest to enjoy and save money in the process. I went to Roma Importing and got sliced pork, genoa salami, munster, and provolone. It was around $11. I wasn’t really sure how they priced things since the munster and provolone were the same price, but I noticed I got charged 25 cents more for one (when I got the same amount and thought they were the same price, but maybe not?). I’m still not really sure, but they slice their deli meat and cheese really thinly and they are so tasty.

Those meats and cheeses got turned into various sandwiches. Here is my favorite of the bunch – salami & provolone sandwich with some greens and olive oil-red wine vinegar. Yummy and simple. The bread is from Bella Napoli and is a 12 inch kind. It was thin, which I liked and really went well with the sandwich. We also got some hard sub rolls that really tasted yummy.

Albany John preferred a pork loin + munster + mustard + horseradish + greens sandwich, and our buddy Slick got a one-of-everything sandwich with all of the deli meats and cheese, plus some mustard and greens. He’s a bit of a carnivore.

The sandwiches were a total necessity at fending off hunger pangs at Latin Fest. Unfortch it was rainy so it was held under the I-90 underpass and not Washington Park. Not the most beautiful of locales, but at least it was dry. The pop band singing was SO energetic. Like, crazy energetic where Margarita and I were like “Jeezus, they’ve been at it for an hour now! We would have collapsed!”

However, it was a good/bad thing we didn’t have much/any cash on us because EVERYTHING LOOKED SO FREAKING GOOD. So we didn’t spend money, but we also didn’t get tasty Latin foods. This booth and a Peruvian food both really called out to me as in “GO GET YOUR ASS BACK IN YOUR CAR, GO TO AN ATM, COME BACK, AND BUY ME. I POSESS DELICIOUS THINGS.”

We left to go back to my bro’s to get him and Benny to bring back to Latin Fest after Albany John, Slick, Margarita and I had checked it out, but we got a little lazy, ate more sandwiches, and then Albany John and Slick had us all watch Ice Pirates. Crazy movie, and Angelica Houston can really do no wrong.

  1. i go in spurts w/ sandwiches. sometimes i'm ravenous for them and then i could go 3 or 4 w/out eating one. munster is my new fave cheese, along w/ the Laughing Cow products. I've also switched to sandwich thins in lieu of eating real bread. it's a very nice alternative.

    ice pirates?

  2. I have gotten used to the idea of butter as a substitute for mayonnaise on a sandwich. Such as a cheese sandwich with butter.

    But peanut butter and butter?
    Um? Why? I'm flummoxed.

    I can't be the only one to find this unusual.

  3. phairhead – munster is so buttery and good! But I needs my bread!

    Daniel – yeah, it should come off as no surprise that I was a chubby kid. It was just one of those things my mom always made since “just” peanutbutter sounded weird.

  4. Grace said:

    first of all, bless your heart for using the term “de rigueur.” that's awesome. secondly, there's no way i could be around latin foods and resist eating them. period. 🙂

  5. JMP said:

    Putting butter on all sandwiches is totally a British thing. My stepfather always puts butter on first — even on a PBJ.

  6. I love sandwiches! My new favorite one is portabella and zuchinni with turkey bacon and basil.

    I think tonight I'll have turkey and gouda.

  7. Grace – oh how I wish I had your willpower ;p would have made sat all tasty.

    JMP – Phew, so it's not some freak thing!

    Ella – Sweet! I still can't do sandwiches for dinner, but maybe one of these days…

  8. lk said:

    mmmmmm pb and butter. I havent thought of thst in years (also ameican cheese and butter… one of my childhood favorites). Im not a big sandwich person anymore though either.

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