Home Made Pasta

Papa Amherst let me borrow his pasta rolling machine when we were in Amherst, MA on Sunday, so last night I whipped up a batch of pasta!

I’ve made pasta at home once without a roller, and it certainly upped my resolve to use a pasta roller the next time (I’m also covered in bruises this week, with no inclination to also turn my forearms into rubber for the rest of the it).

The pasta roller has 7 levels of thinness you can choose, and I rolled this out to level 6 for noodles I’d never be able to roll out that thinly by hand. I initially fed the dough through at level 4, wondering why it was so hard. And then I saw the knob. Oh, duh. Way easier to gradually thin the dough out instead of starting at the middle. So that made the rest of it pretty easy.

I looked over some recipes online and figured I’d go with 2 cups of AP flour, salt, 3 medium eggs, and a few splashes of water and olive oil. Ta da.
The fun part it getting your hands all goopy mixing it up. I kneaded my dough for a while, around 5 minutes, until it was supple and stretchy.
Here’s what a nice supple ball o-dough looks like. I let it sit for around 30 minutes to rest, and then started rolling it out in the pasta rolling machine.

I got the hang of rolling the dough out after a while. I didn’t completely excel at it initially, which frustrated me a little, but I pretty much was fine with the 2nd batch of rolling I did. I learned that making pasta with a roller really uses a lot of flour. Trust me, it’s better to just have your flour bucket on hand to reach out of than making a cutesy plop of flour on the cutting board because that will be decimated quickly!

I had to pull the dough a bit as I fed it through the rollers to keep it from bunching up, and the handle also kept falling out (which really made rolling a pain in the ass since I’d never done it before and mid-turn the thing kept falling out). But eventually I got the hang of it and was rolling out some beautiful ribbons of pasta. Like fettuccini sized. I like my wide and long noodles!

Now, lemme say, I didn’t realize how much pasta this would make. This made a shitload of pasta. Like, seriously. Enough for three hungry, hungry people to eat with abandon with tons left over.
I cooked them in boiling water for around… Uh, 6 minutes? I went more by taste than watching the clock.

I initially wanted to try making ravioli, but once I started rolling the pasta my stomach cut in with “Uh, yeah. Nice one, but no seriously, we’re going to need some food ASAP”. And ASAP when I’m cooking is really not that SAP (I am such a slow cooker in the kitchen).
So I compromised by making a ricotta sauce. I cooked some onions in butter. I left them a little crunchy still because I like my onions more crunchy and savory than soft and sweet.

After that I added a bit of garlic, more butter, let that cook down, and then added in some ricotta and milk (my ricotta was really thick) and turned the heat down low and started seasoning the stuff in the pan.
I wound up using marjoram, oregano, salt, pepper, and GarlicGarlic! seasoning. I found the sauce nice and creamy, but still a little underwhelming on the flavor panel. The GarlicGarlic! really punched up the flavors, but I really wanted just a little something… more. Yeah, I’m gonna work on seasoning things.

I added the pasta in and let everything mix and cook together a bit. Texture-wise, the noodles were a little on the soft and tender side (or maybe I overcooked them a bit). I imagine they’d do pretty well in Eastern European dishes as well.
I’m pretty happy with how my first batch of machine-rolled pasta came out. It was a lot quicker and much more pain-free than rolling it out by hand, and now I can play around with recipes more. Maybe later this week I’ll get around to doing ravioli. Anyone have any fave ricotta filling recipes?

  1. i think the best ravioli fillings are riccotta and any type of veggies, i.e. artichoke hears, asperagus or even mushroom (which i don't like but taste good w/ pasta)

  2. Grace said:

    bravo! good on you–making pasta is something i've never attempted, or even considered attempting.

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