Chester, Flushing, and Manhattan

Our trip to the City started with a quick stopover Friday night to my best friend/sistah’s place. She was just getting off of work when we finished grabbing some food from the Shoprite in Chester, NY for a quick dinner.

We had hot dogs. The kind with skins on them. Hooray! I ate two, and a bunch of nachos (Albany John also made nachos. Yummy). And a box of Almaden wine. I always like stopping at a grocery store to keep my budget in check. I was able to feed a bunch of people for around $16 (or, $30 if you count the wine). If we’d eaten out, that would have probably been my dinner alone. I love the fact the I can just go over my Sistah’s and use her kitchen as if it were my own.

Before my classy ass opened up the Almaden wine, my sistah had me open a bottle of Kedem Estates Royal Blush she’d been saving for me. And bonus, it’s a NY wine! It tasted more like a mead than a wine – there was no bite at all, and it was incredibly sweet. I really enjoyed it!
Two of her friends from work came over, and it was nice to meet and hang with other people.

Here I am, rummaging through her fridge in the middle of the night.

The next day we woke up early and were out of the door by 9:30 and on our way into NYC! We got into Woodside, Queens by 11 or so and were shortly on our way to Flushing, Queens. My YehYeh recently moved from his place in Woodside to a new place in Flushing, so we stayed in his old place in Woodside. That worked really well since it was more than enough space for four people and the street parking is free. It also probably helps that I just love riding the subway.

Once we arrived in Flushing we got the grand tour of the new place, had a Heineken, and headed out to New East Cuisine Manor (3702 Main St, Flushing, NY 11354) for dim sum. It was close to 1 pm by that time, but Benny and Slick(aka, the Little Guy) had never had dim sum and I really wanted them to try it.

Woah, mama, was an impression ever left on them! Since it was later in the day, there weren’t as many dim sum options, but we still managed to pack in a lot of food. Here we have a scallopy dumpling (the yellow one way in the back), 2 trays of siu mai dumplings (they have the orangey bits on top), a peppery pork on the left (too peppery for me), steamed porky bits with black bean sauce in the front left (has the bits of green pepper on it), and two orders of har gow on the right (the white blobs).

Shrimp stuffed eggplant. Japanese eggplant with a shrimpy stuffing is always good to me. The eggplant were creamy, and the filling had plenty of shrimp bits in it.

Har Cheung!!! Shrimp rice rolls. Just when I think my stomach is about to reach its limit, the har cheung come out and I magically find more space. The noodles were thick but very soft and the shrimp were perfectly cooked. Love that sweet soy sauce, too.

Two orders of a peppery pork belly (behind the two steamed spareribs with black bean sauce). Again, too peppery for me. The pepper flavor was aggressive and pretty much drowned out the flavor and didn’t seem to help cut the fat. Yeh Yeh really liked this, though.

After all of those dim sum dishes we were all pretty full, especially since we had plans to head over to Manhattan to visit Manhattan Maka and Chicago Velvet Smoove (my bro-in-law).
But of course, we weren’t finished eating. Yeh Yeh and my Uncle ordered 2 beef noodle dishes to really be sure we’d had enough to eat (that excellent Chinese food hospitality can be a dangerous thing for ones waistline). One is crispy noodles and the other is chow fun. The chow fun was excellent – tender and smoky noodles, with crisp and refreshing bean sprouts. I was too full to try the crispy noodles. I did steal a veggie though.
By then the boys were all thoroughly stuffed. Albany John and I had told Benny and Slick about how my family will push food on you, and I’m not quite sure they believed us, or at least the degree to which it was. Now they know. It certainly was great to spend the morning and early afternoon with my grandfather and uncle, especially because they both seem so happy to be in Flushing. My Uncle seemed especially proud, and rightly so for all of the work he has done, too.

We waddled our butts over to the 7 train and took the long ride into Manhattan. I fell asleep for a little bit and was groggy by the time we’d gotten to Grand Central and had realized we all needed to get off exactly as the doors closed. Just a minor inconvenience, though. We got off at the next stop and made our connection to the Upper East Side.
We were greeted warmly by Manhattan Maka and CVS when we walked in their door. CVS had made a pitcher of pisco sours, which were a lovely treat. They were tart and just a bit sweet, perfect for four hot and sweaty travelers fresh off the subway. I can definitely see myself spending an afternoon lounging outside and drinking these – they were definitely a drink you sip, savor, and enjoy. Truly a treat.

After also begging off one of Manhattan Maka’s fabulous lattes for my sleepy ass, she took us up to the roof of her building to view Manhattan. Gorgeous views of Manhattan. Maka mentioned which sides were which (ie, “there’s Brooklyn, there’s the Bronx”), but I forgot which those were. Still, I really enjoyed the view and the wind. They even had chairs and lounges up there.

I think they look like they are ready to take on the world!

Quite a nice view on the left as soon as you walk out of the door! It really hits how high up you are.

Slick on the left, and Albany John whipping out his camera on the right. Uh oh, the photographing begins! I’m sure he’ll have some awesome snaps.

Albany John let Benny play with his camera while he lounged in one of the chaises. I got some cool pictures of Albany John framed like this, but they all showed his face.

After roofing ourselves for a bit, we all headed over to Central Park! I’d only been once before and was excited to be there to actually take in the sights. CVS and Manhattan Maka look so cute leading us over there.

  1. i thought my boyfriend's polish family was notorious w/ the “EAT! EAT!” you got me beat : )

    hotdogs w/ skin *drool drool drool*

  2. Grace said:

    so jealous of everything. sounds like you did a lot of eating, which is exactly what one should do in nyc. 🙂

  3. Shaun said:

    There is a great little restaurant in Flushing that we never miss when we are there. It's on 39th avenue right next to the church (you can't miss that landmark). It's got a tiny entrance, but has two floors. You can get individual dishes or combination meals where you chose 2-3 dishes and finish off with the soup of your choice. The pork and radish soup is good. I haven't tried the others. The Taipan bakery is also worth a stop. Just as good as the one in Chinatown, but not as busy as far as I've seen.

    I hope the link below works:,+Flushing,+NY+11354&oe=utf-8&client=firefox-a&ie=UTF8&split=0&gl=us&ei=wxGnSvHzN8aStgeOhsmsCA&ll=40.760131,-73.830957&spn=0.003657,0.021136&z=16&layer=c&cbll=40.760086,-73.831064&panoid=i083Ux5Mj7aczirZmRNOEA&cbp=12,140.46,,0,3.3

  4. Shaun said:

    Kedem is right in Marlboro, NY. You could easily stop there on the way up from or to NY. You can find your way there from exit 18. They advertise their wine tastings pretty aggressively and it doesn't look like much from the road. I can't say if it is worth the stop. Benmarl in Marlboro on the other hand is supposed to be worth a visit. It's less than 5 minutes from Kedem. Some of the other wineries in Marlboro closed, but there are others in the Shawangunk area.

  5. phairhead – oh man, I wanna meet Sexy Beast's family!

    Grace – phew, thank goodness we've got the same ideas there.

    Shaun – nice, thanks for the winery tips! And oh man, I just can't pick a favorite bakery. Not yet at least (everything's so freaking good!)

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