Oh, Albany, I’m Back!

I’ve returned from NYC! All in one piece, which is all I ever ask for.

I even managed to stop over in Chester, NY to go to… SHOPRITE! It’s one of my favorite grocery stores, and I picked up a quickie dinner there on Friday Night before heading over to my sistah’s place with Albany John, Slick, and Benny in tow.

Now, enjoy a facially-deficient photo of me in Shoprite’s bakery and produce sections.

  1. I love Shoprite. I love knowing I can walk into one in the early evening and come out with a huge box of pastries for $1.99.

  2. the aisles seem teeny at shopright though.

    cute photo ; )

  3. ellie said:

    Alas, I miss Shoprite. Where else can you get gigantic cans of things for 50 cents? And those can can dancers, oh la la!

  4. Lili – omg, right?! And I love their hard rolls.

    phairhead – it's cause they're so packed with food! (I feel like their shelves are taller or something)

  5. In the supermarket wars here downstate, I rank them as follows

    Shoprite >> Pathmark > A&P (even though they're the same company… so pricey!)

  6. Shaun said:

    Shoprite is a bargain hunter's delight. Their sale prices are great. $1.50 for Ben and Jerry's. If you have a coupon for less than $1 they double it. That plus sale prices makes for might cheap deals.

    Too bad that Price Chopper seems to have the market cornered in the Albany area. At least there is some competition downstate. For what it is worth Price Chopper's prices are better downstate. They are more competitive.

  7. ellie – Can you do the can-can? (Great, now that song is stuck in my head!)

    lili – I've never been to either of the others. Roadtrip?

    Shaun – I think I need that Ben & Jerry's. Like now.

  8. I did a quick check and there is a Shoprite in Hudson!

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