Gluten-Free Vegan Peanut Butter Fudge Pie

Happy Birthday, Little Sister! My sister’s birthday was recently, and a bunch of the fam went over to her place to throw her a quickie birthday party.

My sister sticks to a vegan diet, with a preference for gluten-free foods as well. I called Ma Mere earlier in the week and asked what plans were looking like for the sister’s birthday, and she mentioned something about going over with vegan soup. And I was all, “Oh, well I found a recipe for some pie thing to try out, so I’ll bring that” and my mom was all “Oh, good, she’ll have something for dessert for her birthday.”

The pie thing was a Peanut Butter Fudge Pie I’d heard some vegan raves about from the internet about the Ultimate Uncheese Cookbook. You can find a Google book link here. It seemed like an easy enough recipe to follow, with basic ingredients that didn’t make me go “wtf is that?”.
I changed some things. Like the original wanted 1.25 cups of pure maple syurp. All I had was imitation, so I used that. I think it was more for sugar than any actual flavor any way, and it wasn’t enough, so I added in another ½ cup of sugar in the end to completely kill off any chalky tofu taste.

The recipe I used filled a 10” cheesecake tin quite nicely. I wanted to use the cheesecake tin since I wasn’t sure how well the crust would hold up, and figured it would be easiest to slice if I could just remove the sides completely. And I wasn’t sure how many people this was going to feed other than ‘a lot’, so I played around with the recipes a bit.

The crust I really enjoyed and will definitely make again. Just make sure your oats are free from gluten, as most/all are processed with wheat (or something like that). It was crumbly, crisp, and had a hint of sweetness. It still maintained most of its structure when cut into. I have trouble with AP flour piecrusts coming out crumbly, tough (from over-handling), and just not that great. Sometimes chewy (don’t ask, I can’t even figure that one out). This is a very nice pie crust recipe in general, not just a vegan or gluten free acceptable substitute.

BTW – the picture above is probably the best one I’ve got, even if it is covered in saran wrap. This was just one of those dishes where I couldn’t get a decent picture since I didn’t want to interrupt the flow or anything.

Here are the hands of the birthday girlie on top of a Mahjong set that Albany John, my bro, Margarita and I bought her for her birthday. She tore into the bag (I suck, I didn’t wrap the present) as soon as she saw it and was really excited to have it. Hooray, we are semi-decent siblings! I am excited to learn how to play.

Also pictured is the vegan soup my mom made for her (I am guessing split pea [tee hee, peaness]), and an apple crumble my mom brought as well. That was also vegan.

A yellowed out shot of the two of them. Sry folx. I sprinkled rainbow sugar on top of the vegan peanut butter fudge pie before bringing it over. Taste-wise, it was ok, but it could have used more peanut butter (I only had 1/2 cup in the house, otherwise I would have upped it to 1 C). And maybe melted chocolate would have been better than powdered cocoa. I think the combo of the powdered cocoa and tofu leave a slightly raw taste in the mouth. Do other vegans add lots of sugar to their desserts? I think the sugar definitely helps cut down/mask any raw or harshness. It was a nice pie texture though, and the crust helped bring it together. One of my sister’s friends (this really cute Chinese exchange student) asked if it was pudding, and I think that was a good comparison. The texture was like a thick pudding pie. Like one of those no-bakes. But still, it is probably my favorite vegan dessert I’ve made so far.

The Recipes:

Pie Crust
¾ C rice flour (I used mochiko)
1/3 C almond meal
1/3 C Oat Flour
½ C shortening
2-3 T coconut oil
3 T sugar
1/3 C sweet potato starch

Mix everything together and press it out in a pan. Prick some fork holes in it. Cook at 400 F for 10-15 minutes and let cool completely. (based on recipe from Pamela Cooks)

1.5 C water
2 t agar agar (a plant derived gelling powder)

Mix together and bring to a boil. The kind I had blended quickly and didn’t need to simmer or cook for a long time.

1 C soft tofu
1 ¼ C imitation maple syrup
½ C peanut butter
¾ C unsweetened cocoa powder
1 t Penzy’s double strength vanilla extract
½ C sugar

Toss all of those in a blender, then add in the hot agar agar liquid. Process it until smooth. This may take a few minutes. Taste the batter and add more sugar as necessary.
Pour into pre-cooked pie crust and cool overnight, covered. (Based loosely from the Ultimate Uncheese Cookbook’s recipe. Google Book link here.)

  1. Question: Do you think I can use crushed peanuts instead of Almonds? Being allergic to tree nuts really sucks…

  2. ella – dude, that sounds like an even better idea! Peanut crust + peanut fudge?!

  3. Grace said:

    that's a pretty fantastic birthday treat! gluten-free or not, it's magnificent!

  4. JMP said:

    There's a lot of debate over whether oat flour is actually gluten-free. I'll only eat it from certain sources but I've been branching out more and more. Cross-contamination is a big issue with oats….

  5. Ételek said:

    So pretty. And I'd imagine it tastes fantastic too. Any frosting that starts with a stick of butter is bound to be the best ever.

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