Pulutan – Garlic Peanuts!

My girlie over at Under the Copper Tree made these tasty Filipino snacks called garlic peanuts.

Delicious Filipino snacky things are called pulutan, and boy am I ever going to try my hand at other pulutan recipes. My mouth was watering reading Lilimonster’s post, and after making them myself I can confirm their utter deliciousness.

I’m not sure if these were raw peanuts like in the original recipe, ’cause they said dry peanuts, but they worked out just fine. $1.19 for this half pound bag at the new Asian Supermarket. They sell small sleeves of garlic (like, 4-5 bulbs) for $1.25, too.

I peeled off the skins and smashed them, then roughly chopped them. They were pretty big cloves of garlic. I used around 6 cloves. Then I fried them in some peanut oil (it was all I had, and I would have prefered a more neutral oil, but seeing as how I was making peanuts, it didn’t affect the flavor) until they were golden brown and took them out to cool in a bowl.

Then I tossed the baggie of peanuts into the hot oil I’d just removed the garlic from. Let it cook for a while until the skins start to come off a bit and they get browner, then toss in the garlic nubbins of joy and cook for a little longer. Sprinkle liberally with salt.
These were quite hot when I first took them out, so I stuck them in the freezer to quickly cool off. They became crunchier the longer they cooled. I gave them to the boys (Albany John and Slick) to snack on with some white wine. I think I may have scorched a section while spacing out in the kitchen, but overall, Albany John and Slick enjoyed them.
Albany John likes a little kick to his food, so he asked if I would make them spicy. Seeing as how I don’t normally cook, I was a little unsure of what to do so I sprinkled some Korean chili flakes over top. This turned out to be awesome. It added a little kick, but nothing that lingered too long. Even I could eat it! In order to up the heat factor, I think next time I’ll add the chili flakes at the end to let them mingle with the heat and oil.

No pic of the end product, which just means, darn, I’ll have to make them again. Yay! I think sometimes I do this to myself so I’ll have to re-make it. I’m quite looking forward to it since these were a cheap and tasty snack!

  1. I'm glad you enjoyed it! I was actually thinking of making some more today.

  2. Dude, I wanna make more today, too! You are so awesome for posting this!

  3. no pics because they're in yr belly? that MUST mean they were extra extra tasty

  4. andres said:

    the proper name filipino name of this pulutan is “Adobong Mani”. . .

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