LarkFest = Awesome

I’ll tell you more later, but Lark Fest this year was so much fun! I completely forgot to go see Matt & Kim, but I enjoyed Moby’s set. The crowd was semi-rowdy at the end of the day (at least over by Moby), but the Townsend Park Stage hosted by the B3nson Collective was a supremely good time. I could be biased since I ran into a bunch of friends over in that area, though.

Here’s a shot of Sgt Dunbar and the Hobo Banned ending their set. Ellsbells and I ran over to catch it, and then ran into Sandor!

  1. this how you know yr getting old: you don't want to go to places 'cause you know the parking is going to suck

  2. Sandor said:

    Luckily, you two are petite ladies or I would've been knocked down.

  3. I'm still grouchy that it had to fall on Rosh Hashana. Grrrr.

    (Although I'll confess that after services, the family went to Ralph's and I had a wonderful pork sausage with peppers.)

  4. phairhead – I'm okay with walking a good bit, so I tend to park far and walk a few extra mins.

    Sandor – so close! I guess we've got to work on our tackling skeelz.

    Daniel B – porktacular!

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