White Chocolate Macadamia Nut Cookies

White chocolate macadamia nut cookies are possibly my favorite kind of cookie.

They are chewy, crunchy, nutty and white chocolate-y. What’s not to love? I only say “possibly” because there could be something out there that might knock it off its pedestal.

Drop cookies are amongst my favorite kind of cookies to make and eat – they’re quick to whip up, and you can’t really over-mix them.
Size them however you want, and they end up wonderfully chewy and moist if you bake ‘em right (hint = bake them so they’re still raw in the centers, the ambient heat leftover in the cookies will bake them all of the way through so you’ll have moist, delicious cookies. If you make too much to eat at once, they’re easy to mold into cookies and freeze until later (mm, fresh cookies later, with no dishes!)

I felt rather indulgent (or like a label-whore) since I used King Arthur Flour, Domino sugar, and Godiva white chocolate chips.

I made these on the smaller side (or in all likelihood, the recommended serving size) since the ingredients were a bit precious and I wanted to share them. I like a lot of white chocolate chips and macadamia nuts in my cookies.

I just followed the recipe on the back of the Godiva chip bag. This made a humongous bowl full of dough. And now I have a freezer baggie full of raw cookie dough to nibble on raw or bake cookies when I want. Yay. Surprisingly, this large amount of cookies is pretty easy for me to work my way through.

  1. hmmm that just might be THE perfect thing to bake for an upcoming weekend getaway. THANKS, BUDDY!!

  2. Grace said:

    drop cookies are indeed the way to go, especially those with buttery macadamias and luscious white chocolate. coincidentally, 9/23 is national white chocolate day–timely post!

  3. phairhead – DO IT!

    Grace – OMG, how lucky was THAT?! My wish at 12:34 came true yesterday too!

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