Sushi Tei

“I got sushi for lunch today!”

“That’s awesome! What did you get?”

“A lot”

“Um, how much is a lot?”

“Like, ummmm…. twentythreedollars worth a lot…”

“Oh God.”

That’s basically the conversation I had throughout the day after ordering sushi and joyously telling my friends I talked to about it.

Sushi Tei is my favorite in the area for affordable sushi with consistently good quality. I have to admit, I haven’t bought sushi in a while around here, so I haven’t tried any of the new places that have popped up recently.

I ordered some nigiri sushi ($2.25 each) and the three roll lunch special for $11.50. The three rolls I ordered are pictured above. From left to right they are: Spicy Tuna, Salmon Avocado, Eel Avocado.

I’m not normally a spicy tuna roll fan, but the one at Sushi Tei is great! The heat is balanced well with the tuna, rice and tobiko, and there is plenty of tuna in the roll as well.
Salmon Avocado is one of my favorite combinations. The rich fatty taste of salmon combined with the rich fatty taste of avocado = flavor win! The eel and avocado is also a creamy delight. Yummy!

The rolls are always well rolled at Sushi Tei and I was impressed by how full of fish these were. They sure didn’t skimp on the filling!

For my nigiri sushi I ordered 2 each of tobiko/flying fish roe (in the sushi boats), tako/octopus, and sake/salmon.

The flying fish roe nigiri were very good. I like how they eggs pop in my mouth. They didn’t have a ton of flavor, but it was more a textural thing for me.

The octopus was okay. Pleasantly chewy, but also a bit bland. I think it could have used more salt or something when cooking. Soy sauce helped, but I think more salt while cooking would have been better.

The salmon nigiri were generously portioned and pretty fresh. I think they could have been a bit fresher and firmer, but on the whole they were good and not the least bit fishy or anything bad like that.
I think the thing is that you’re never really going to have fresh, never-frozen sushi in Albany. We’re too far and everything is delivered frozen anyway.

The eel + avocado roll were large sized maki and came four to the order. The salmon avocado were cut into six pieces and the spicy tuna was cut into eight smaller pieces. I’m pretty sure they were about the same roll size, just cut the easiest way to eat them.

I ended up eating a good portion of what I ordered (I do have this tendency to over order sushi…), but I did bring my leftover rolls home. Albany John loved them all, especially the eel. It’s one of his favorites (and easy to make at home!). Ellsbells also broke vegetariansim for a bit when she opened my fridge and saw the sushi. She liked them too. I made Benny try a spicy tuna piece since he’s never had sushi and he liked it too, although he said it wasn’t spicy (damnit, it’s spicy to me though!).

I really enjoy Sushi Tei – it has a very nice atmosphere and the service is always excellent and polite. For me, it’s a place for reliably good sushi and an affordable price. Since sushi isn’t something I buy as often as I used to I’m not too keen on trying other places because I know I’ll always have a solidly satisfying meal at Sushi Tei.

I also highly recommend their lunch bentos – $6 for a tempura box!

  1. Anonymous said:

    Ah! You discovered and posted about one of the most underrated places around.

    They have such a small shop, and amazing price to quality ratio, I was trying to only tell my friends, so they don't either blow up, or fold due to the massive influx of clientele

  2. yum! this looks great! I love sushi – I'll have to check this place out. prices seem reasonable too!

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