White Bread

It’s been a wet and rainy couple of days. I hope you all are staying warm and dry!

I like baking warm, comforting food when it’s chilly out. These loaves of white bread hit the spot. One has a rolled layer of cinnamon, nutmeg, and sugar in it. I used the Joy of Cooking’s recipe for basic white bread. Forgot to reduce the recipe in half, and so ended up with two loaves.

  1. the Joy of Cooking is so underrated! the boyfriend has a copy of the 1974 edition when it had endangered specis on the menu! no joke, there's a receipe for turtle soup!

    mmmmmm yummy sweet goodness of home made bread 😀

  2. yummy!!! there's very little that beats a straight from the oven piece of bread. I can never wait for it to cool properly before digging in!

  3. Anonymous said:

    I as well have the 1974 copy. I am looking for a copy of the index past the letter U. Mine seems to have fallen out of the book due to over/misuse.

  4. One thing that I am continually displeased with is my reliance on store bought bread.

    My biggest hurdle to overcome is the wife's desire for 100% whole wheat. Trying to make that at home results in something between a brick and a rock.

    Sigh. Some of us are just not bakers.

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