Asian Supermarket Hot Bar #2

Here’s what I got for a recent lunch when I was feeling especially hungry. The 3 selection lunch combo + white rice for $4.75. The selection was particularly good this day. I got salt and pepper shrimp, fried whole fish, and mixed veggies (no bell pepper in my portion! woo hoo!).

Everything was really good and I was tempted to get another fish dish, but was also craving some simply cooked and fresh veggies. I found out I really like lotus root (the half circle things with holes in them) – really crunchy, kind of like a mild carrot. Kind of. And the bean curd sheets were also pleasant. They sopped up a lot of sauce/flavor.

The whole fish was a delight. Crisply fried and it tasted like a buttery white fish (more from the frying than the actual fish, I am thinking) I’m not sure if it was beheaded, but the only leftovers I had were the spine and tail. Heh heh. I was really hungry that day. It also had crispy bits of garlic. Yummy.

Salt and Pepper shrimp were delicious as ever. I might prefer the head over the tails, even. They just had a more pungent flavor (in a good way).

Since I was feeling especially hungry, I also got a steamed pork bun. I kind of balked at the price ($0.90), but once I got it I knew why they charged so much. It was huge! Like a softball, huge. It was kept in a steamer/warmer tray as well, and was very fresh. The pork was okay, I’m not sure if I’d get it again, though. A little too sweet/saucy for me.

Just to show you, this thing was really big. The diameter was bigger than my finger! I like these meals at the Asian Supermarket’s hot bar for simple, authentic/comforting Chinese food. They really make you feel good if you’re sick, missing family, or just want a good little meal without having to buy each meal separately.
After tax, this was a little over $6.
  1. lotus root looks crispy! sometimes i wonder if that's what i'm eating at the Vietnamese place instead of daikon

  2. Love lotus root! And I wish we had a hot bar like that around here. That pork bun looks fantastic.

  3. Brian said:

    It's hard to find a good lunch for a price like that!

  4. You never forget your first fried shrimp head.

    Mine was at a sushi bar in Berkeley. It was huge and had bulging eyes plus massive tentacles.

    But it was super delicious. I say heads over tails, every time.

  5. Third Auntie said:

    They did not have the steamed buns when I first went. Try their roast pork buns the next time you go. I thought they were really tasty. Had just enough sauce and the pork wasn't overly fatty. Did you notice if they have the great big steamed buns that have ground pork,egg and mushroom in them? I love those.

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