Japanese Eggplants

I went to the Hella Early Farmers Market in Menands. I’m sorry, that’s just what I called it. But it’s the wholesale/bulk market that goes on every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday morning from 5:30 AM to 7 AM. You can google for more info. I know you’re good like that.

That’s really early for me. Yipes. Some vendors were already taking off when I got there around 6:30. Get there earlier next time. But I snagged a box of Japanese eggplant for $12, which I thought was a good price. I didn’t weigh them or even count them before starting to use them. I just love how creamy they are.

Albany John made two delicious sauces with these eggplants. He lifted my marinara sauce to amazing levels by including some lovely eggplant bits. Trust me, this was good. It really raised the flavor profile of the dish.

And then he also made a delightful cream sauce. Holy mother, was this ever good! The eggplant got nice and creamy. Who knew this would be such a great combination?

I really liked them both mixed together with pasta. It was kind of like a self-made tomato cream sauce.

  1. that sauce looks amazing! I love japanese eggplants, and 412 looks like a great deal for that many!

  2. Grace said:

    both sauces look great, but i'd be partial to the red. that's pretty darn early for a market, but i guess the farmers are up then anyway. 🙂

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