Anniversary Lobsters

After dining at The Epicurean, Albany John and I stopped by the new Asian Supermarket and picked up a pair of lobsters for a snack later in the evening. He knows how much I love lobster, and what a treat it is for me when I get the chance to eat it. Even if I ate it every day, I would still have the same level of enthusiasm for it.

They were on sale for $5.99/lb for the smaller lobsters (chicken lobsters, ones around 1-1.25 lbs) and $9.99 for the gigantic lobsters. If you can’t guess, we opted for two small but lively lobsters instead of one gigundo monster. I would go for the large one, but they look like they are around 4-5 lbs or more, and I didn’t want to spend more on a snack than I did on lunch.

It was approximately $15 for two lobsters, who weighed around 2.6 pounds.

The first lobster I wanted to dispatch with in a humane way, and thought that the “stab a knife through the skull” method would work. Albany John took over this task after looking back and forth at me and the lobster, sharp knife in hand and going “Uh, let me do that,”. Man, me and knives really make him edgy in the kitchen.

Aside from that, he had also wanted to see if he could feed a lobster. At first I was skeptical, but figured a last meal wouldn’t hurt. I mean, if I were a lobster, I would appreciate it. So Albany John grabbed a spoonful of tarama roe out of the fridge and tried to feed Mr. Lobster one last meal. We then learned that we couldn’t successfully feed a lobster, so Albany John gave up and knifed the lobster… the wrong way. So it went more towards his back than slicing his face in half. He got it right after I frantically said “NO! NO! THROUUUUGGGHH THE HEAD! NOT THE BACK!” but, uh, sorry Mr. Lobster dude. That was not the most humane way to kill a lobster. Thought that counts?

Zombie Lobster?

The second lobster I just put directly in the steamer (I jury-rigged a steamer out of a pan, tea cup, and metal strainer thing that fit in the pan) and it actually died a lot quicker. So lesson learned, it is better for me to just boil/steam the lobster to kill it humanely.

I steamed them each for 10 minutes, covered. The result was two delicious lobsters. I like boiling, but sometimes lobster can get a little too waterlogged or overcooked with this method. The flavor difference is minimal, but with steaming there is also less boiling water sloshing around. And really, the less of a chance I have of injuring myself in the kitchen, the better.

This one time in high school I was cooking something… I forget what it was now, but I opened the pan the WRONG way and tons of steam from the boiling water came out and I ended up really scalding my hand. It hurt for DAYS after, and it turns out steam burns are really bad – so be careful when you’re steaming stuff, too. This ‘days after’ thing really sucked for me since I also went to a formal dance, and as anyone who has gone to high school will recall, minutia like this can totally put a damper on your evening since you’re thinking ‘Oh, that’s a nice song – ow, hand burning.’

Hey – my favorite part of the lobster is the claw. The tail is okay, but sometimes bits get stuck in my teeth and it can be a bit chewy. The claws, when cooked right, are uber tender and melt-in-your-mouth good. Especially when bathed in butter. I also really love all the water that collects in the claw too – like lobster juice. And oh, the white congealed stuff that collects along the insides of the shell. It’s like concentrated seafood-y goodness. Does that stuff have a proper name?
P.S. – both of these lobsters were boys – no orange roe of goodness in either of them. That’s also another favorite part of the lobster for me.
P.P.S. – don’t forget to pick the meat out of the body of your lobster either!
P.P.P.S. – the only part of a lobster I really don’t like is the tomalley – that green stuff. It’s just a bit too bitter for me.

  1. I love that you had lobster as a snack. way to live!
    and lmao that you tried to feed it!!

  2. JMP said:

    Did you ever see that episode of “Garfield” when you were a kid in which they end up keeping the lobster as a pet?

    Also, I think the feds were recommending against eating tommalley as of late so it's probably good you don't like it. I don't either, but I sure love the rest.

  3. llcwine said:

    or the SNL skit with Eddie Murphy about Larry the Lobster? still cracks me up…yum yum…may need a lobster fix this weekend.

  4. Mr. Pinchy from The Simpsons. “SOB SOB! Oh Mr. Pinchy! Yr so sweet and delicious!”

  5. I have been deferring to the stores I buy my lobsters at when it comes to cooking. I feel a little guilty when I have to cook them… but I sure don't feel guilty when I eat them.

  6. lk – lol, I do love it so much. seafood is tough for me to fill up on!

    JMP – YES!! (and bonus, woo hoo!)

    llcwine – oh, i need to hit up youtube now.

    phairhead – YES! I love that episode. “Pinchy would have wanted it this way”

    lili – my dad's the same way! But I bet if I put a fully cooked one in front of him he wouldn't turn it down.

  7. I love the “last supper” for the lobster! I too could eat lobster every evening, but I can't even be in the house when the death occurs.

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