Turkish Food

Albany John and I caught a Turkish food demonstration at the Co-Op on Sunday afternoon. It was quite informative and enjoyable!

We learned about a variety of dishes, and how dill and mint (dried) are heavily favored herby seasonings. And there were also samples!

Here is one – stuffed zucchini. It is hollowed out and filled with ground meat, tomatoes, rice, and then cooked whole in a broth until the zucchini is tender. This was delicious. I normally don’t like stuffed foods since there’s too much going on in them, but this let all of the ingredients really shine. I’m not sure if I’m up to making it any time soon, but it was certainly delicious to try.

We also tried zucchini fritters. What I liked about this demonstration was that there were no set recipes. It was like “This is what the dish should look like, so add stuff until it does,”. For fritters, it was – “Use and egg or two, some oil, and flour until it’s a shaggy dough. Then fry them.”
I still had some Japanese eggplant kicking around, so I diced them up and mixed them with an egg, some milk, a pinch of baking soda (I like my fritters really poofy and fluffy), and some flour. This wasn’t all that much eggplant (just some of the ends left from when I made eggplant parm). You can see that my batter is rather goopy and thin looking, but once you mix it all together it looks like a shaggy gooey dough.

And here is the final golden result! Several eggplant fritters served with a side of yogurt. We also learned that yogurt or lemon (or both) are served with just about everything in Turkish cuisine. Yum! I never would have thought to pair plain yogurt with fritters, but it was a delicious combination I will be using more often in the future. It almost made the fritters taste healthy.

My fritter batter was also a little too light in the beginning, but it also yielded a pleasant result – the individual cubes of eggplant fell apart and what I was left with was like popcorn eggplant cubes! Very fun little fried nibbles. At least now I know how to make popcorn anything now. Thin fritter batter! (it’s easy to remedy though – just add more flour until it thickens up)

I’ve still got some more Japanese eggplant ends left, so I think whatever we eat for dinner tonight will be accompanied with some fritters (or maybe we’ll just have fritters for dinner).
I need to change my oil though – it’s a little stinky and heavy. My house also gets a heavy fried-oil-ickyness smell going on too, so that’s another good indicator it needs to get changed.

  1. you can stuff a zucchini?! that's like discovering chocolate dipped pretzels!

  2. lk – Bummer! It was nice, cramped, but nice!

    phairhead – omg, white chocolate pretzels = awesome.

  3. Grace said:

    stuffed zukes, eggplant fritters, middle eastern spices–i'm overwhelmed with jealousy that i missed this demo!

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