Sushi Tei

Y’all – I think I may have gotten Benny on the sushi bandwagon! We met up for lunch at Sushi Tei recently. He had tried a piece of one of my leftovers a few weeks ago and was intrigued enough by it to try more sushi. Hooray!

He got the 3 roll combo (~$11)– spicy tuna roll, salmon avocado, and shrimp tempura. I think the tuna was a little ‘meh’ that day. It was a little too mushy and not that great. It’s probably the worst I’ve ever had there texture-wise. Flavor-wise it was a little bland and not helped out a lot by the spiciness of the roll. I’ll still order it again though – I am pretty confident this was just a one-time thing.
The salmon avocado roll was good. I recommended that one since, seriously – it doesn’t disappoint. Buttery salmon, rich avocado = flavor win!
The shrimp tempura was… uh, shrimp tempura in a roll with eel sauce over top. Not bad, but nothing that knocked my socks off or anything. This was Benny’s favorite roll, I think.

But still – very adventurous of him to just order a bunch of raw fish! I remember when Albany John tried to get me to eat sushi and sashimi. The first few times I looked at him like he was crazy! But once he finally convinced me into trying it, I really enjoyed it. I’m glad my current eating crew aren’t as much of a pain in the ass to dine with like when I first met Albany John! Hell, I probably wouldn’t be able to eat with myself from 6 years ago. I’d be like “Bitch, SERIOUSLY! It’s not gonna kill you! Just freaking TRY it!” In that vein, I have to commend my Dad for never saying something like that while my sibs and I were growing up. We were very picky eaters.
Oddly enough, I got the pork katsu curry. No sushi. I know, here I go extolling the virtues of sushi, and I order something cooked and smothered in gravy. It’s a monthly special for $8.95 and comes with soup or salad. I really like their specials, and wanted to give an authentic Japanese curry a try.

It was a LOT of curry. I really enjoyed the pork cutlet – coated in panko, it was a grease-less fry job and the insides of the cutlet were nice and juicy. I’ve gotten pork katsu from Sushi Tei before where it was a little dry. The fry person was on their A-game this day! The parts of the cutlet that were in the curry were moist, but not soggy. Well, it wasn’t crunchy, but it tasted very good, not like you were eating a soggy curry coated cutlet.

The curry itself was on the spicier end. I don’t know if you can see very well, but there are some yellow bits in the top part of the picture. They were yellow (daikon, I think) pickles. They definitely worked on cutting some spice and heaviness of the katsu curry. There were mushrooms and carrots in the curry. I enjoyed the mushrooms. Overall, it still reminded me of the boxed mixes of curry you can get at just about any grocery store (Asian or not, you’ll just pay more in supermarkets) and make at home. Sweet, and the curry flavor was mainly from turmeric. I’m not a fan of turmeric being the main flavoring of curry, so while this was nice to try, I don’t think I’m going to jump on Japanese curry again any time soon.

Benny was a peach and picked up the bill. Thank ya, thank ya, what a nice surprise!
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  1. japenese curry!!!! again another lovely surprise. going to Miyako tomorrow so SB can get his sushi on, perhaps they'll have that porkie dish

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