Chinese Food, Lots

Oh my gosh, y’all. I think I might have a spending problem when it comes to food. Okay, and maybe tasty drinks too. Like, for real. If I see something that looks good, I am having serious impulse control about not buying it.

Like, Albany John and I were craving some Chinese food. We initially thought maybe buffet… but I get all weird about buffets sometimes, so then I suggested maybe we get something from the hot bar at the Asian Supermarket on Central Ave for dinner. And guess what? They’re still open at 8 pm on Friday nights. Sweet. I was half expecting it to be closed.

The night we went there were the deep fried whole shrimp on display. Albany John wasn’t feeling much like eating any offal or roast duck / chicken. So shrimp it was! These were $12 per pound. Not exactly cheap, but they are gigantic shrimp, and very well cooked. And guess what? One pound was a lot of shrimp. Albany John and I managed to kill them all, but if you are less hearty eaters, I suggest maybe half a pound.

We couldn’t resist nibbling on one or two on the ride home. Unfortch, some little crunchy bit got lodged in the back of my throat while I was driving, so I was trying to cough it out to dislodge it. I ended up having to dislodge it with another shrimp. Plus/Minus, so it all cancels out to “Albany Jane got to eat two shrimp in the car ride home, while Albany John only ate one”.

Albany John, however, agrees with me on how good and creamy the heads of these shrimp taste. I have no clue how old they were, but they were still very crunchy and tasty when we ate them.

Okay, so $12 for dinner for two. Not bad, right?

It wouldn’t have been if I stopped myself there. But then we wandered around the store itself looking for a snacky side dish. This brand of dumplings (Juan’s, I think) was on sale, so we bought two bags of pork and chive dumplings for $5.

Man, I might stop making my own dumplings. These were great. The skin was nice and chewy (not too thin or thick), and was chock full of porky goodness. I can’t stuff mine that full, and my meat isn’t as light and fluffy. I was just thinking these would be some crappy generic frozen wontons, but nope – delicious. Nice surprise. On sale, each 20 oz bag is $2.50, so $2 per pound for pre-made and tasty dumplings. I might be back later to stock up our freezer. I think they’re $3.29 per bag when not on sale.

I pan-fried these (like gyoza). Some stuck, but on the whole, it came out very nicely. You can also steam them, and they come in other flavors. Maybe I will try their chicken dumplings, since these really impressed me.

Oh, but funny thing – they say a serving size is three dumplings. Ha. Ha haha ha hahahahahahahah. That is so cute. And so not happening in my house.

We also munched on these shrimp chips on the ride home. $1.99 (or maybe $2.19) for a small bag. They were very shrimpy. I think they could have used more salt, but wow were they ever crunchy. I’m not sure I’d get them again, but Albany John enjoyed them.

I also placed some joong / zongzi in the steamer tray of my rice cooker along with some water in the main compartment and let them cook while we were out. We came home to a bamboo-scented house (from the leaves) and perfectly cooked, non-frozen joong. I like this method better than boiling them again. Boiling made again them a little too water-logged for my liking.

We learned that one is plenty to split between two people as a side. At least with this much food.

I wanted a veggie to round out the meal and bought these shanghai bok choy veggies. They were only $0.99/lb. They are one of the cheaper bok choys for sale. A little larger than the other baby bok choys, so I just quartered them.
I cooked them simply in a broth-water combination with minced garlic. Just plop the stems into the water part, cover, and let them cook a few minutes. I overcooked these a little. They weren’t mush, but I would have liked them a little firmer.

Albany John and I gave this meal a big thumbs up. I’d also picked up a bottle of Brotherhood Riesling wine from All Star wine and spirits in Latham, NY. It was $13.99 for a large bottle, but I think it was a new product and I love, love, love Brotherhood. I suspect it’s more because it’s from my home town than any other real reason, but this riesling went well with the meal. It wasn’t super sweet, and just a little tart, so it complemented this Chinese food very well.

  1. bok choy!! num num num. i had some at Yangste w/ soy beans and garlic.

    great pics as always! 😀

  2. You guys are adorable – that thumbs up is totally something we would do!

    I'm going to have to go in search of those dumplings at my local Chinese grocery stores. Juan? Seriously? 🙂 I especially need to look for them since we have no chinese hot bar place. Boo.

  3. Thanks for the dumpling brand reco. There are so many available at the market, that it's to know these have been vetted.

    I like the ones Celina found at the market on Colvin. But last time I was there, the brand was sold out. And I didn't see it at the new market.

    Don't know how the two of you aren't 300 lbs. It's a helluva spread.

  4. phairhead – ooh, those sound good too!

    Bootsie – you guys should! We can start an internet meme and take TeH InTraN3ts by storm. Or somesuchery. (I know, right? Cause Juan is a totally Chinese name. )

    Daniel B – Dude, I don't even know. Especially when you consider how much I can drink.

  5. Mari said:

    I love Cheinese food, especially dumpling. All of yuor pictures look really delicious and I envy you!

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