Birthday Lunch at Wolff’s

After dragging myself up off of Ellsbells’ floor and putzing around her house after her birthday party, Albany John and I gussied ourselves up (ever so slightly) so we could meet her parents. It’s weird, being ‘adults’. You don’t meet parents all that much usually, but it also seemed odd not having met her parents since she is so close with her family. And y’know. She’s family to us, so it’s like not having met the rest of your family.

At any rate, we went to Wolff’s for her birthday boot. Her dad was so proud of her for finishing it. It was very cute and touching. “My little girl just finished three liters of beer. That’s my girl!”

Her papa also bought Albany John and me a round of brews. Noice. I got an order of currywurst ($10). It’s got a bit of kick, but nothing I couldn’t handle. I wasn’t super hungry, so I only managed to eat one pork and veal sausage and some fries. The fries were seasoned with a smoky paprika. I love paprika, so this was nice. The sausage casing had a nice snap to it, and the sausage meat was super tender and good.

Too bad my appetite wasn’t all there. I also blame the pound or two of peanuts I ate before ordering. Man, they’re so good and salty! And free! And right on the tables when you walk in! Which means I can’t resist them.

Albany John got the smoky goulash for $12.95. He liked it, but there were green bell peppers in it, so he picked them out. I think green bell peppers are a Capital District phenomenon. They’re in just about everything and they usually aren’t mentioned as being in a dish. Chinese food veggies, soups, stews… It’s too bad we don’t like them. Albany John liked it just fine after he picked out the green pepper bits, but when I tasted it all I could taste was green bell pepper. The schnitzel were really good, though. Fresh and tender.

Albany John couldn’t even finish this – wow, that’s a lot of food!

And then later that night the World’s Largest Reese’s Cups got busted out. They’re $10 for the package (one pound. Each cup is 8 ounces!) when I found them at CVS, so maybe a little much, but dude. Gigantic Reese’s!
I think there’s still an entire cup left. Hmm…
  1. Mr. Dave said:

    You know, I have been kind of fascinated by the currywurst thing lately. I have tried Wolf's version which is very good, but I have a feeling that the stuff in Germany blows it out of the water. I ache for a true, German owned and operated wurst haus to be erected in our area.

  2. reese's peanut butter cups are on my diet! have to truck on over to CVS

  3. Jeffrey said:

    Mr. Dave currywurst is better in Germany, but it's also easy to make at home.

    1/2 white onion diced
    3-4 cloves of garlic diced

    saute above until translucent then add pepper and salt as desired

    add 1 small can of tomato paste and brown it a little to add some age to the sauce

    add 1 can of diced tomatoes or a couple of fresh tomatoes diced

    cook for a couple of minutes

    1/2 cup of curry powder

    cook for a couple of minutes

    1 cup ketchup

    cook for a couple of minutes

    curry powder to taste

  4. Hahaha… I have been craving peanut butter cups and sure enough, Albany Jane has put me over the edge. Will be stuffing my face silly later.

  5. Grace said:

    goulash and mega reese's cups sounds like a fine way to celebrate getting another year older. fine and dandy.

  6. The curry wurst looks good. For some reason, I've had sausage on the mind. Need to make it down to Wolff's for an early lunch some weekday when it's not crowded, and try this out.

    Love the place. Hate crowds. Yet somehow I manage.

  7. Mr. Dave – that's it – we need to go to Germany

    phairhead – I still haven't finished it!

    Jeffrey – DUDE! You rock! Sounds tasty.

    lili – it's what I do best, I'd say ;D

    Grace – it certainly was, it certainly was.

    Daniel B – tee hee. Sausage on the brain. Teeeeee hheeeee heeeeehhheeee. Also, Sunday brunch was almost empty. Maybe 5 other people there.

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