Meet Me in Menands?

Hey guys, this is kind of random, but does anyone want to meet at the Capital District Farmers Market in Menands tomorrow around 5:30 am?

Last time I went I got there at the later end of it, but I really want to buy 10#s of mushrooms (for $16-$16.50!). That would last us quite some time, and just be nice to toss into meals. Above you can see a tasty, spicy eggplant dish (that I’ve never shown you) Albany John made using some of the Japanese eggplant from the last/first time I went there.

While I still have food in my fridge, I just love shopping for food. I know, I have a problem. But mushrooms! Lots! They’ll really round out meals to make them feel more substantial, so I’m hoping it will help my food spending budget in the long-ish run.

Well, lemme say this – I have been terrible, absolutely terrible, about checking my email on a daily basis. But you can email me (Albanyjane @ Yahoo . com) and maybe I will check it later tonight before I either a) go to sleep or b) stay up in a caffeine fueled psychosis. Or just look for the longhaired brunette with a pink camera ogling the food.

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