Hong Kong Bakery

So on Sunday when I came back from Brooklyn, my Dad was also in town. We managed to meet up on his way out, and he ended up killing some time by shopping at my new favorite store – the Asian Supermarket.

My Dad tells me the name in Chinese (Cantonese, I am guessing) is Ga Ga Lok, meaning Every Family Happy. Aw, that’s nice. He said that the prices were just as good as in NYC and he really liked the freshness. The other day he emailed me to say that he’d wished he’d bought more of their roasted pork (from the hot bar section) since it was so good he’d eaten it all.

I suggested we meet up at the Hong Kong Bakery since it’d be closer to getting him on the highway. And their food is good.

The owner remembered him from my wedding last year (they did an excellent job making the cake), and was super-nice. We just split an order of beef chow fun ($7.95). The beef was very tender and both the beef and noodles had excellent char to them. The noodles were soft and pillowy. So good. The bean sprouts were crunchy and hardly cooked – So bright, and refreshing. It could have used a little more salt or soy sauce, but still, it was great. That could also just be me, since I like to over-salt my food.
My Dad had just eaten lunch, and I had a gigantic coffee on my way back, so I wasn’t very hungry either. If you guys think that I can eat a lot, you should see my Dad. He might look skinny, but he can really pack it away when he wants to(I say this in a good way, Dad!). I think this was best evidenced at my Bro’s wedding where we went on an eating spree after the reception, and then met up with Bro and Margarita for Waffle House about 20 minutes later.

We stayed for a while. They brought the food out to us, plus some cups of hot tea(I don’t think they charged us for that, but not sure since my Dad paid), and bussed the table for us afterward too. That was different, since you usually pick up the food from the counter when it’s ready and bus it yourself.

It was busy when we first got there, with two large groups having food, but soon we were the only folks in the joint. I’m glad I got to meet up with my Dad for a quick bite. It was very nice to spend some time with him, and I find him motivational.

  1. Third Auntie said:

    Yummm, I haven't had beef chow fun in a while. That's a delicious photo. I still have not tried out their food, only had their baked goods which are great. This place feels like your are in a local joint in Chinatown.

  2. that beef looks to die for! and they bussed yr table/counter? Score!

  3. Grace said:

    is it odd that i don't associate anything asian with anything that comes out of a bakery? this is a whole new world to me. 🙂

  4. 3rd Auntie – You've got to try their appetizers. It's like a really limited selection dim sum.

    phairhead – I know. Confusing, but maybe they've changed since I haven't been in for food in a while.

    Grace – Not at all! In fact, I know it's called a bakery, but for some reason it doesn't click that it really *is* a bakery, if that makes any sense. It's probably closer to a deli than anything else since it does so much.

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