St John’s Episcopal Church

On Friday night Albany John, Slick, and I went to St John’s Episcopal in Troy, NY. It’s right down the road from Russell Sage College. Albany John and I have been going to their thrift store on Saturday mornings (9 am – 12 pm) with some frequency lately, and noticed a sign up that the members of the church were putting out a cook book and were having a tasting on Friday night.

So we three headed over there and tried some samples of their dishes. We got there around 7 pm ish, a little on the later side. We were all definitely the youngest ones in the room by a decade or so. The Father was really nice and welcoming, but we definitely got some “Hey, who are those people?” looks. Slick and I might go there for Christmas Eve services, and Albany John might tag along as well.

Here’s another table of samplings to try. I really liked the creamy dip with green beans in it. I tried to find a cook book, but I didn’t see any for sale. I went back the next day as well, but didn’t see any on sale Saturday either. It was busy, so I think I’ll see if they still have any for sale next week. If you are interested, the cook books are $10 each.

Some of the food I got. The utensils in the little napkin were adorably twee. Smaller than gelato spoons, even! Sooo tiny! Cute! I also got to try hot dog casserole, which was pretty much just sauerkraut and hot dogs, but so freaking good. Yum!

St John’s thrift shop is great – they’ve got wonderfully low prices on everything. You can pay $3 and get a brown paper bag and fill it up with as much as you can fit in in one room of clothing, etc. I also got a spiffy winter coat for $3! It’s very fitted and looks brand new. St John’s has also helped supply my cabinets with glassware. They’re really neat to check out and you can really get a good deal there.

On Saturday mornings they also give out free bread from Panera. They collect it the night before and you can take what you’d like.

Addy: 146 1st Street Troy, NY 12180-4431

  1. whoa! sounds like it's worth my time to get my tookus up on saturday to renss county to score some awesome deals

  2. Grace said:

    so you were the youngest ones there by far. that's okay. here's what i know about old folks and eating–they get very little on their plates but take forever to consume it. 🙂

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