Badass Burrito

After perusing the Metroland, Albany John noticed that Badass Burrito in Lansingburgh (aka North, North, North Troy, NY) had $1 taco and beer night on Saturdays and Mondays. He called up and they said it was an all day special. Woot!

So we went there Saturday night. Dinner time. I guess the leetle bit of snow scared folks off because there weren’t many people in the bar and soon we were the only ones there.

The Saturday and Monday special is:
$1 chicken, ground beef, or pulled pork tacos
$1 cans of Pabst Blue Ribbon beer (one of my faves!)

We ate and drank for $10 flat. Two tacos and beers for me, three tacos and beers for Albany John.

Got to chat with one of the owners who was running the behind the bar area. Really cool guy who gave me the impression he really liked talking with us. You know how at some places you get the “Okay, get your food, get out, and leave me a tip.” vibe? Not here. We all were chatting, killing time, whatever – it was enjoyable conversation. When I was in the service industry I didn’t care about people that sat a while and chatted when the place was dead. I don’t get folks who act all icy and like they want you to leave when it’s dead. I was always glad to just talk to someone because it made the time fly by faster and I usually had some fun conversations too. That’s how talking with him felt. No rush, just shooting the breeze while we were there. Really casual in that respect, and I really liked it.

I like how they’ve changed the place up. I went once before and thought the food was just okay, the salsa bar all tasted like someone ashed in all of the salsas, and didn’t really think of going back. But $1 specials? I’m so there.

Any way, like I said – they’ve changed the place up a bit. It used to be a service counter with sneeze guards up (like Moe’s, Subway, etc build-it-yourself type places), but they’ve taken it down so now it’s a bar you can sit at. Really big improvement – makes the place feel a little less fast-casual and more like you can sit down and grab a drink.

I got a chicken and pork taco. Albany John got ground beef and pork. The chicken was meh – I think it’s just there as a nod to people who want chicken. Two dinky pieces of white meat chicken that tasted pretty bland. Bless, that was the first taco I ate, and the pulled pork taco made me almost fall out of my seat, it was so good. Moist, juicy, smoky, a little hint of a kick – you’ve got to try this pork. It was great.

The tacos come with lettuce, diced tomato, and shredded cheese. There’s some hot sauces (Cholula brand – really yummy!) at the tables. The meat fillings were on the sparse side (about a 1-2 tablespoons) but Albany John and I both though that for dollar tacos at a bar type place it wasn’t too bad. As they were, two were more snacky for me than meal-ish.

Fast forward to yesterday (man, doesn’t that sound like a hipster band or something?), Margarita called me up asking for a recommendation for a good place to get a burrito in the area because she was having pregnancy cravings.


She wasn’t quite sure where it was in Latham (2 Wade Road), so I told her I’d be down to go if she wanted to do dinner.

And as luck would have it, yesterday was the night they closed early for their holiday staff party. We’d just missed them by about 20 minutes. Ah well. Bro was like “Well, if you hadn’t decided to change your clothes three times…” to Margarita, but I think it just wasn’t in the cards (Margarita and I have already decided to head there this Saturday after a day of thrift shopping).

So then we were wondering where to go, and Albany John pipes “Badass! Badass Burrito. It’s also dollar beer and taco night!”.

So down!

So we went there and this time I got 2 pork and 1 beef tacos. Same fixings – lettuce, tomatoes, shredded cheese. And a PBR. Yum. Tacos! These tacos were very generously filled this time. I was very pleasantly surprised! The ground beef was moist, but not greasy. It was taco seasoned – sorry, that’s the best idea I can give you. Not plain ground beef. The pork tacos were juicy as ever and very tender – no bits of pork stuck in my teeth!

Albany John and bro went for one of each, and Margarita went for ground beef (and maybe chicken, but I think just ground beef). Bro and Albany John conquered on the pork being superior and the chicken being meh.

For round two I ordered one more beef and pork taco, but they brought me two pork tacos. Oh shucks! Tee hee. I polished the extra one off with ease. Albany John only had 5 tacos. HAHA! TACO CONSUMING WINNAR. These tacos also decided to be much more photogenic, too.

I totally bet you could have a taco-eating contest (thatswhatshesaid!)– I’ll bet 12 tacos are do-able. Oh, they also have an 8 lb burrito coming soon. Margarita and I are going to see who can eat more: Bro Vs. Albany John!

Albany John is also pretty much set to take up residence at Badass Burrito on Saturdays and Mondays for the dollar taco and beer specials.
  1. Anonymous said:

    I'm not totally clear on their hours, and their website said they were open until 11:00pm Tues-Sat. Are they only open in the evenings? I have a feeling my sweetie could put down quite a few of those $1 tacos, but our work schedules only permit us to dine out together on Saturday afternoons.


  2. i saw that ad as well. Anywhere there is PBR, Sexybeast is sure to follow. Thanks for the heads up 😀

  3. $1 PBR? I believe that M and I will be making a trip there on Monday.

    Or maybe just me since he'll have to work. More tacos and PBR for me.

  4. Taco truck tacos are often a buck a pop. And I love them. But they are the soft corn tortilla type, with only chopped onion and cilantro on top.

    That's what I want.
    That's what I found in Valatie.
    But now I need to find a place that makes good ones.

    I'm guessing there were no traditional soft corn-tortilla tacos at badass. More's the pity, because $1 PBR is sweet.

  5. Grace said:

    $1 a pop definitely screams for a contest of some sort, and i'll bet i could hold my own…

  6. Kerosena – Hmm, I'm not too sure . I'd say call ahead. We called in the early eve/late PM so I'm not really sure. Better safe than sorry, so call ahead.

    p – Woot for the PBR lovers!

    lili – sweet! maybe we can meet up!

    Daniel – Yeah, these are only hard shell corn tortillas. Cilantro and onion would rawk. Ah well, PBR to comfort.

    Grace – I bet we could eat a dozen. I totally bet we could.

  7. Grace – I demand a taco eating contest happen!

  8. AJ- taco mondays!! hopefully i will not be too stuffed from the cookies

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