Brandy Pears

Remember those pears I got this summer, and how I tried doing pear infused brandy?

Well, it’s been a little over three months, and I took the liquor out and was left with a container full of brandy soaked pears! I only got 2-3 cups of pear brandy liqueur from this infusion – the pears really soaked up the brandy!

I’m going to let the brandy sit by itself for a little while to see how that changes the flavors up, if at all. It didn’t taste very tart at all – very sweet, actually! I would probably cut the sugar in half next time because it was very syrupy. The pears tasted ripe in the liqueur itself, which I am not a huge fan of since I like my pears tart and crunchy. But all tastes so far have been positive.

If you can’t tell, I moved the pears and brandy from the crappy Mr. Peanut container to this one I bought. Much better seal on it! I kept it in my bathroom closet to keep it out of the light (it’s a really big closet too – not near chemicals or anything).

I didn’t count how many pears were in there, but I snacked on three of them. Yum, these were delicious! They look just gorgeous, no? Can anyone think of a good dish to use them in? I am thinking a bread pudding, or some kind of dessert.

The skin is a nice shade of brandy brown, lighter in some parts than others.

They tasted a bit salty-tart, kind of like the ume fruit at the bottom of umeshu wine. I really liked it! I feel like the brandy cured the fruit, or something. I gave Albany John some nibbles and he also enjoyed it!

The pears were still very hard, firm, and crisp. I crunched into the flesh when I bit it. Again, because of the sugar, it was a little on the saccharine-sweet side. But this was countered by the sharp alcohol flavor of the brandy, and that oddly saline flavor kicking around in the background.

See? They’re soaked all the way through!

I consider this infusion a rousing success. I am definitely catalyzed to do this again. It’s just a pity that now the growing season is over and I am unable to find other fruits to preserve. Once Spring and Summer come I will keep my eyes open for other delights to infuse. I mean, if there’s two things I love, it’s fruit and liquor. If I can combine them, even better!

And guess what I learned? Two or so brandy pears contain a fair amount of booze! *hic*

  1. 2 dessert ideas.

    1) Diced, sauteed in butter, sugar and brandy. Ignite. Serve over good vanilla ice cream.

    2) Thinly sliced and serve in crepes filled with mascarpone.

  2. booz + fruit = nutritionally awesome!!

  3. Jennifer said:

    Those look sooo good. Drunken pears- yum.

  4. ellie said:

    Ohhhhh…. I would love to try one of these!

  5. Grace said:

    a rousing success, eh? excellent. i'd say you would indeed have to use caution in the level of pear consumption… 🙂

  6. Karine said:

    Your pears sound delicious! Thanks for sharing 🙂

  7. Anonymous said:

    Raises a few in a sub channel around pears ,indirectly located slight partition, raisin settle to bottom.

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