Santa Speedo Sprint

On Saturday I went to the Santa Speedo Sprint. It’s hosted by the Albany Society for the Advancement of Philanthropy (also know as ASAP), and benefits the Damien Center. Great people, great cause. Totally love it.

I wedged my way into Oh bar and signed up to run. $25 charitable donation. And they gave me a t-shirt, drink coupon, Larkfest cup, and some coupons. How very nice! I changed into my skimpiest bikini. I’m kidding, I have one that’s way more revealing. I just picked what I did since there was red in it.

One thing that is important is to have someone to hold all of your clothes. Thankfully I had a large purse (I’m talking, really big) that fit my jeans, top, sweater, scarf, and draped my coat over it. I plopped it down next to Albany John at the corner of Madison and Lark and essentially anchored him down for the race.

Yipes, it was cold! It was only 0.5 kilometers. I managed to jog the whole thing, but just barely. What kept me going was knowing that I was not the last person. I used to run over 5 k (okay, over 5 years ago), and Albany John was nice enough to point out that right now I’m at about 10% of where I used to be. Haha.

I’m somewhere in some photos online, and nearer the end of Sebastian’s very cool video that is going around and All Over Albany has captured it all nicely. I let the chub fly with a fully made up face of make up. Hey, I’m a food blogger; I’m not what you would call “athletic” or “in shape” or “enthusiastic about exercise”. Haha, it was for a good cause and I don’t really have any hang-ups about my own appearance.

After the run I popped my jacket on eventually and we made our way over to Tess’ Lark Tavern where the husbear and I drank ourselves silly on cocktails. Yum! Well, okay, maybe that was just me. Lord, I do love me some Lark Tavern. Always a good time, and great drinks.

We had a beer to wam up. It was so packed that I wasn’t ready for the quick service we got! As soon as I neared the bar one of the ‘tenders was asking me for my drink, and Tess came by and we chatted and she asked if I was getting served. So sweet. And man, Tess is looking goo-ood! She was wearing this awesome red velvety sweater, which would make awesome Christmas presents for other Lark Tavern lovers!

Since it was so packed and I am the tinier of us two, I just kept going up to the bar for drinks. Which means that Albany John was stuck with whatever I ordered! Haha! On the left is an amaretto, rum, and lime drink. I forget what it was called, but this was tasty! The white drink on the right is a man shake and had stoli vanilla and other delicious drinks in it. Albany John liked both of them. Woo, and so did I!

We got some of our favorite drinks – a whiskey and gingerale for him, and a tequila pink lemonade for me. Yum! Pink drink! Yow – my pour count for the lemonade was way less than the tequila. Ole! I love the love.

Albany John created a custom label for my drink. Triple bonus points if you get it.

Then we went over to Hollywood – it was much more subdued there. Albany John pointed out that I hadn’t eaten anything all day, so we ordered a dozen wings to share. We ordered teriyaki wasabi, but got hot wings instead. Didn’t feel like sending them back, but they were good! Albany John didn’t think they were hot at all (so maybe they were medium), but they had a nice and crisp skin and moist, juicy meat inside. I had some Newcastle beer with wings. Good stuff.

Then we went back to Lark Tavern and I had a caramel appletini and some other drink I really don’t remember, but the caramel appletini was deliciously carameltastic.

  1. tequila pink lemonade, tipsy time!! looks like a cavalcade of fun! 😀

  2. Grace said:

    wow–you're a brave soul. although i love to run, i’d NEVER have the nerve to do this. in fact, i’d require copious alcohol BEFORE even considering it. put 3 or 4 caramel appletinis in me and i might be game. 🙂

  3. JMP said:

    You looked great! I am too much of a chicken because a) I don't run in public and b.) I try to avoid being outside in a swimsuit in December.

    What a fun day!

  4. OH so much fun! We'll see what next years weather and Cute~Ella is a bathing suit looks like before I decide to run or not.

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